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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) applies to the badcreditmortgageloansonline.com web site. It tells users (“you” or “applicant”) of the web site and the services provided therein about the information collected by badcreditmortgageloansonline.com and how badcreditmortgageloansonline.com uses and shares this information.

Types of Information We Collect

badcreditmortgageloansonline.com collects both “personally identifiable information” and “non-personally identifiable information” from or about users of its web sites.

Personally Identifiable Information

badcreditmortgageloansonline.com collects several types of information that may identify a particular individual (“personally identifiable information”). We collect personally identifiable information when you provide it to us through your use of the site, such as by completing one or more stages of an application form to apply for a loan from a lender participating in our lender network (“participating lenders”) or by sending questions to us via the web site. The types of personally identifiable information we collect include: name, physical address, telephone number, social security number, email address, date of birth, driver’s license number and state, information about home ownership, citizenship status, employment information, active military information, amount and frequency of pay checks, and information about your banking account.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Non-personally identifiable information is anonymous information that cannot be associated with a specific individual. The types of non-personally identifiable information that we collect (either directly, through the use of “cookies,” or through the use of a third party tracking system) include: the IP address of the computer making the request; your browser type and language; access times; information about areas of the site visited by users of the site; information about the links that users may select to visit on the site. IP addresses are not usually associated with your personal computer, but with a portal through which you accessed the Internet. IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information. A “cookie” is a piece of information a web site sends to your computer while you are viewing the web site to remember who you are without personally identifying you.

badcreditmortgageloansonline.com may share this non-personally identifiable information only in summary form with its suppliers and other third parties for the purpose of web site statistical and trend analysis. This information is not linked to any personally identifiable information that can identify an individual person.

Information Collected by Third Parties

We may allow third parties, including advertising partners and payday loan lenders, to display advertisements on our site. These companies may use tracking technologies, including cookies, to collect information about users of our site who view or interact with these advertisements. badcreditmortgageloansonline.com does not provide personally identifiable information to these third parties.

How We Use Personally-Identifiable Information

We use the personally-identifiable information you provide to us through this site in order to deliver the products or services you have requested; provide you with customer support; verify or review your application information to determine whether it meets eligibility requirements for participating lenders; communicate with you by email, postal mail, telephone, and/or mobile devices about products or services that may be of interest to you either from us, our marketing partners, or other third parties; display advertising tailored to your interests or background; perform data and statistical analysis on use of the web site; enforce our terms and conditions, and perform any other functions otherwise described to you at the time we collect the information.

We may review and use your financial information and your social security number to match you with participating lenders in our loan network or other third party lenders with whom we have a business relationship. We may also review your financial information and social security number to verify your identify and protect against possible fraudulent transaction.

Sharing Your Personally-Identifiable Information

badcreditmortgageloansonline.com may share your personally-identifiable information (including, without limitation, your financial account information and social security number) with lenders participating in our lender network and other third party lenders with whom we have a business relationship. These third party lenders may use your personally-identifiable information to offer you a payday loan or to communicate with you about other business or marketing offers. In addition, we may share your personally identifiable information (not including your financial account information and social security number) with unaffiliated third party marketers and list managers with whom we have a business relationship.

Any third parties with whom we share personally-identifiable information may have their own policies which describe how they use and disclose your information. Those policies will govern the use, handling, and disclosure of your information once we have transferred or shared it with those third parties as described in this Policy or our Terms and Conditions.

badcreditmortgageloansonline.com will disclose your personally-identifiable information in response to a subpoena or similar investigative demand, a court order, or a request for cooperation from a law enforcement agency or other government agency; to establish or exercise our legal rights; to defend against legal claims; or as otherwise required by law. We will disclose your personally-identifiable information when we believe disclosure is necessary to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activity, suspected fraud or other wrongdoing; to protect and defend the rights, property, or safety of our company, our employees, our web site users, or others; or to enforce our website terms and conditions or other agreements or policies.

In addition, in the event that all or substantially all of badcreditmortgageloansonline.com’s stock and/or assets are transferred or sold to another entity, badcreditmortgageloansonline.com may transfer personally-identifiable information to the acquiring entity.

Links to Third Party Web Sites

We may provide links or automatically redirect you to third party web sites that do not operate under this Policy. For example, if you click on an advertisement presented on our site, you may be taken to a web site that badcreditmortgageloansonline.com does not operate or control. You should review the privacy statements and terms of use of all third party web sites you access. These third party web sites may independently solicit and collect information from you. On occasion, those third party web sites may provide us with information about your use of those sites.


badcreditmortgageloansonline.com’s policies, content, information, promotions, disclosures, disclaimers and features may be revised, modified, updated, and/or supplemented at any time and without prior notice at the sole and absolute discretion of badcreditmortgageloansonline.com. Changes to this Policy will be posted on the badcreditmortgageloansonline.com web site and we will revised the “last updated” date at the top of this policy. You should review this Policy each time you access the web site. If we make any material changes in the way we collect, use, and/or share personal information that may impact you, we will notify you by sending an email to the email address you most recently provided to (unless we do not have an email address for you) and/or by prominently posting notice of the changes on this web site.

Children’s Privacy

Our web site is not intended for use by children under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect personally-identifiable information from children under the age of 13.


badcreditmortgageloansonline.com has put in place physical, procedural, and technological security measures to help prevent unauthorized access to and improper use of the information we collect online. For example, only authorized employees and authorized third parties are permitted to access personally-identifiable information, and they may do so only for permitted business functions. No web site or Internet network can be completely secure. Although we take steps to secure your information, we do not guarantee, and you should not expect, that your personal information, searches, or other communications will always remain secure.

150 Responses to Privacy Policy

  • How will employees in the medical office have to be
    trained regarding privacy (for example, who is responsible
    for training and record keeping)? What is required if
    an employee doesn’t follow the privacy policy? When
    must employees be trained? In what manner?

  • Hi, a website recently tracked my info, and could find where I live, and whether I had multiple accounts. The privacy policy was not a page that was easily in reach of the website. Neither was it in sight when I created an account. Keep in mind this is a small company, I’m actually not sure if it’s a company at all, but just one guy.

  • This questions is from an Information Management course. The entire questions is:
    Can the company change the privacy policy? Under what circumstances? How must you agree, or be notified, of the change? What does this mean, in terms of the company’s ability to do what they like with your information?
    I would really appreciate if anyone can provide some insight.

  • Hello. Can you tell me what is the best way to get a privacy
    policy for my e-commerce site without spending any money? I’ve looked at a few
    privacy policy sites but they charge a fee. I’ll do it if I have to, but I
    would rather not. Is it legal to COPY another site’s policy and then make a few changes? Thanks
    for your help, Jim

  • One of the websites I visit occasionally have a somewhat ‘informal’ privacy policy, and it is based in the United States.

  • A Les Schwab employee shared my partners debt info with my dad. That is a clear violation of their privacy policy stating that they cannot share one customers info with another customer. What are the possible consequences if their privacy policy is violated?

  • I am making a game website…and I was curious what the exact purpose of the ‘privacy policy’ was, and what could happen if I did not have it. Thanks.

  • Like a lot of businesses, we record customer phone calls to ensure quality. We use a third party to handle the monitoring and there is a debate internally as to weather we need to append our Internet privacy policy to reflect this, or not. Some say yes, others say phone calls are technically covered by a website policy. Any advice or suggested references I might be able to check would be appreciated.

  • I have a website that you can display information and was wondering if I can use another web sites Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for my web site like yahoo answers, helium or Suite101 and so on?

    If not is there a place I can use a cookie cutter Terms of Service or Privacy Policy for my site?

  • can i use another website terms or service and privacy policy?
    the ideas from this website and mine are the same, i will change it up a little, so is it ok if i use it?

  • Are there requirements for covered entities to have written privacy policies under the HIPAA Laws? If so what has to be addressed in the policy?

  • My coworker shared information that I posted and made open only to friends on Facebook. I’m not in trouble or anything, but the attempt was made to get me in trouble. Because the information was privately published has any sort of privacy policy been breached? Do I have any legal grounds that I can pursue against my coworker (for sharing) and boss (for viewing)? Even if it is to legally require my boss to disregard the information.

  • I run a personal website which uses Google Analytics and has a Guest book. Google uses cookies to track users and my Guest book records IP addresses of entries. Do I need a privacy policy and how will my Google Analytics be affected by the new EU legislation about cookies?

  • It’s confusing and it causes people to be paranoid. It’s a little creepy. Of course it’s OK if you’ve got nothing to hide like the embarrassing picture your ex posted of you when she got angry or the picture of you doing something not so professional at Oktoberfest when your boss see it.

    Anyway, why DO they change their privacy policy and functionality so often?

  • Hey guys. I’m starting my own jewelry website and I’m confused about posting the “privacy policy”. I’ve read some other websites’ privacy policy and I just get more confused! Can I create my own?
    I’m also using PayPal on my website-so I’m wondering if their privacy policy would be similiar to mine? Please help! thanks..

  • Most retailers have privacy policies that describe how your information will be used and safeguarded. So, if you have read a privacy policy from a major retailer, summarize its provisions.

  • Plain and simple, does a webcomic need to display a privacy policy?

  • Why have the powers that be pushed this privacy policy to the umpth degree? It does not make sense to me with so many more important issues in health care why has this issue been made so much more important?
    Before your records can be kept private you have to be able to see a doctor.

    Doctors have to be available.

    Doctors that want to resolve any health issue you may have.

    I would have to say increasing the cost of operation by having the doctors have all these privacy papers signed does nothing to resolve health care problems or lack their of.

    So again why is having people sign and read that they have a right to privacy when it comes to their health more important than being able to see a doctor or afford a doctor?

  • (for example who is responsible for training and record keeping?)
    what is required if an employee doesn’t follow the privacy policy?
    when must employees be trained?
    and in what manner?

  • How will employees in the medical office have to be trained regarding privacy (for example, who is responsiblefor training and record keeping)? What is required if an employee doesn’t follow the privacy policy? Whenmust employees be trained? In what manner?

  • All of the privacy policies?

  • My boyfriend has just recently gotten out of rehab and is still going through a little bit of depression as he finishes his degree in college. He has provided in a single counselor for privacy in his life. We had soon realized that she wasn’t just getting information off of him… She was also calling his parents who live in a completely different state to get better info. Just recently, she had found out of our relationship and immediately called his father to fly out and “look after him” until the end of the school year. This therapist plans to tell her father everything that my boyfriend has told her in private. Since I’m a lot younger than him (my age on my profile is not correct), I’m terrified that his parents will forbid him from seeing me and force him back home to Vermont.
    I am working on my psychology major at the moment and the first thing we had learned was that whatever is said in private in the session is meant to stay private!! My bf has told me that she has done this before and he’s nearly in tears. We’re both adults… But doesn’t this go against the privacy policy of a counselor?

  • They are all filled with lawyer-speak that most of the population can’t understand. The only reason for it is to deceive people.

    Is there anything that can be done to force them to make their privacy policy statement more understandable to the regular person?

  • They gave name, address and account info to a detective who had no court order.. He just called them and they faxed him my account info and it’s in the police report.

    The detective and 2 cops came to my house today with it and a posting off of my blog where I had listed someones home address which he thought was a crime. It was a major embarassment, but after like an hour when I explained to him the address is a matter of public record that anyone can get off of the countys own internet system and that it was a free speech issue he was satisfied and left.

    I looked up Roadrunners privacy policy and it says they will only give out users account information if there is a court order to do so- and in this case there was none… What can I do about it?

  • I need a terms and conditions and privacy policy page for an auction website I am starting. is there something online that I can buy etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated

  • I am facing hard time with something related to blogging.
    Which one is important for website/blog, disclaimer or Privacy policy. Google adsense wants to have a privacy policy. What can I do in that case. What is the difference between Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

    And where I can find the ideas about Privacy policy? I have disclaimer on my site already . please somebody explain me the difference and the importance of the privacy policy and disclaimer.
    Thanks in advance

  • do they identify by name and adress or what and the privacy policy how does that work ?

  • What is required if an employee doesn’t follow the privacy policy?

  • i want to create a facebook app for the users and when i start they ask me for privacy policy,what is this and how can i make my own?

  • I heard that there are a bunch of privacy issues on Facebook and that there is a new privacy policy now. If any of you have first hand experience with this issue and/or work for Facebook and/or can tell me about this new policy, your help is greatly appreciated.

  • I’ve seen such things as ‘terms of use’ ‘privacy policy’ ect. Are these things trully needed for an online business? Where can I find information that provides simple explanation for making these ‘necessary’ things for my website?

  • My Mother of my son (we not together) calls my bank where her aunt works and got my financial info from her aunt without my consent. Is that violating the banks privacy policy? Will I be able to sue?

  • How do i update the terms of use and privacy policy section of my website?

    and are there free terms of use and privacy policy forms i can download or do i have to pay for them, If so..What’s the best sites to go to?

  • I am looking for a company that will print my privacy policy and terms of agreement. I am not sure between the differences in pamphlets and brochures….I am looking to use the similar printing job that credit cards use when the send their terms and conditions (so if you could tell me whether it is technically called a pamphlet or brochure that would be great)….I am looking for companies that will do this, only my logo on the front page will be in color, the rest will be in black and white. Thanks!

  • do you have to have a privacy policy becuase of legal reasons or is it there purely to give reassurance to users? This is for a site based in the UK

  • I was wondering if I have a youtube account set up with google adsense do I need a privacy policy? I see a lot of stuff about privacy policies for google adsense but I have only seen it applied with blogs. Thanks for your help!

  • If I were to be developing a website similar to craigslist, kujiji, or other ad sites, what are legalities of copying a “terms of use” or “privacy policy” off of their website and use it on my own? I don’t want to hire a lawyer to draft something that is so similiar with regard to liabilities, terms of use, and general nature of the site.

  • Is there any way I can hide my profile picture to those who are not my Friends on Facebook? Please take note of the new privacy policy and new settings buttons before you answer.

  • Are the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for a web site something I can write up on my own, or do I need to turn to a lawyer or some other professional to do these? Who are the guys who do the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for web sites? How does one go about doing this?

  • Please explain to me the new Google privacy policy?

    How does it track, I heard only if someone is logged into their account?

    Can they still track if I am not logged in?

  • I basically have had a weird email from an online company addressed to someone else and sent to me and about 17 other email address’ . Now I can see their email address’ so they must be able to see mine, surely this must break their privacy policy, which is not to pass personal information on to third parties??

  • Can you just copy off other privacy policies and mix a few words hear and there?

    I’m not sure what exactly to say on a site but I guess ideally it can convey that we will never store or use anyone’s information fromt he website and that it is a secure server when you check out and credit card information is not kept on file.


  • I have an employee that needs to read and sign a privacy policy before she can start work . I have searched all over the internet please help me.

  • I am doing a research paper and I’m stumped on a question about what is required if an employee in the medical office doesn’t follow the privacy policy (HIPAA). Can anyone help me?

  • I’m not too savvy on tech stuff but everyone seems to be up in arms about this new privacy policy. How will it affect us?

  • Is it possible to copy and paste it from another website and change it for your needs? Is it valid if I do that? Does it actually count as a legal document or do I need an attorney to approve it? Same with a privacy policy.

    Another thing is, if I am making a social website that is unique how can I cover my code so other people won’t steal it from my website? Can I add the copyright sign to it or do I need to spend money to copyright it? And if in the future I decide to make changes to the code does that mean I have buy another copyright for the changes?

    Some websites have for example (c) 2012-2013 what does that actually mean and when 2014 comes does it change to 2012-2014?

    The main question is can I add a copyright sign to my website and make it mine or do I need an attorney to actually make it legal?

  • I was wondering if it is ok to produce your own terms & conditions and a privacy policy for an online business, based on those used on similar sites, or if a lawyer was required to ensure correct use of legal terminology.

  • I made a post on Craigslist and then I looked at my browser windows and the Microsoft privacy policy was up in a new window? I made the post from my LG windows phone.

  • I just switched from IE 6 and noticed that Firefox has an option only to “accept cookies” or not or ask me.
    IE has options to accept/reject cookies based on privacy policy etc. which i used.
    Can i get this on Firefox?

  • What about the websites that have privacy policy, but when you click the button to see the policy , its totally blank. Looking for an effective answer.

  • I have a property management site as well as an event planning site and I want the policy to state that my company will not share information to a third party. I was looking for specific examples, not suggestions. People please don’t try to capitalize off of me and get two points, earn it! This is not hard. I just ned a samlpe of a privacy policy. What I really want you to do is go to a site with a privacy policy and… copy and paste as an answer. Then I will give the best one 10 points.

  • This looks extremely interesting and like it could be a really cool thing to do if (1) The DNA coding is NEVER shared with personally identifiable information (2) It’s not going into a database for some religion particularly concerned with genealogy.

  • I’m doing research for a book on economics. I know you can’t publish a book based on Yahoo! Answers, but what you tell me will “guide the direction” of my research.
    I need to know: 1] Do you pay your Mortgage late (out of necessity)? 2] How much are your late fees? 3] Do they threaten to foreclose? 4]How late are you? and 5] Who is your mortgage company?
    I am not asking for any personally identifiable information such as your name or account number, just the information above to help guide me, don’t be embarrassed, you are not alone, I, and many others, are there with you. Thank you and good luck!

  • Since you would be downloading music from a star bucks or something, I would think it would be next to impossible to catch you. They would trace the signal back to the hot spot. By the time they traced it back to you, you would be long gone. They only have the mac address, but I don’t think they can tell who’s computer that is unless you registered it or something.

  • My parents are against abortion they picket etc. I’m under 18 and want one. There is no planned parenthood here. Can I just get an abortion at a normal clinic? They know I’m pregnant though.
    No the “baby” does not have a say in the matter.

  • Most every page that I browse want to redirect to unrelated ad selection pages. I tried restore and that did not fix the problem. Any advice or info wil be greatly appreciated.

  • Want to get tech support and was asked for this file. I’m not familiar with it and just want to be sure it’s not giving any information that could pose a security risk.

  • Every year during tax season, we hear about how much other people are making. The media discusses both public and private people’s salaries. It is as if people’s IRS filings are a matter of public record.

    How is it that they are able to get that information?

    Can a citizen do the same?

  • I, like many other people, have “issues” that I am actively attempting to deal with in an effective manner. Getting the opinions or actual experiences of others who have had similar or the same issues is invaluable.

    In exploring and researching I find that resources are widely scattered and sometimes expensive. This led me to the idea of a website for those who seek advice and help for a variety of personal issues such as addiction, fears, self destructive tendencies, self-esteem issues and more.

    The website would allow anyone to post an annonymous “profile” and place as much or as little information about their life problems as they wish. Other’s can then post what they have found to work for them as responses. In no instance would any personally identifiable information be available to any user of the site. All annon.

    Would any of you be interested in such a site or willing to help when and where you can?
    This site would be completely free for all. If any financial aid were to be needed to support the site, I may look into a small amount of affiliate advertising or perhaps donations but never would there be any “membership” fees! This is an effort to help myself and others only.

  • Although most trusted vendors claimed their sites are virus-, adware-, spam and spyware-free,
    how else can they steal information from us when we try out free PC games and free software (trial version)?

    Can they access the history folder of web pages visited or much more?

    What software to use to protect a home PC?

  • And what is most important for a new education blog?

    About Us
    Contact Us
    Privacy Policy

    In addition what should i also use for my blog?

    Right now I have only 5 Posts.

    And tell me what can i do in starting for my blog with point out SERP.


  • We are required to have a pre-sixth grade physical. This was completed, and the required form completed by the MD. However, I submitted the form without the blood pressure, pulse, ht and wt, since that is personal medical information. (It was normal). The MD checked the box that says “no restrictions.”
    The school has just told my son today he cannot attend school tomorrow because the form was incomplete. The principle quoted “FERPA” but would not provide written documentation of the law stating we MUST comply with providing the PMI. I have phone calls into numerous departments trying to find an answer to this. No response from any. The HIPAA office does not answer, either. The people in the school “nurse’s” office are not nurses. They are not bound by HIPAA. What happened to our right to privacy?

  • I am looking at some famous TV series’ websites and they have some disclaimers in the Privacy Policy regarding international visits. For example, the Walking Dead show has this:

    This Website is controlled, operated and administered entirely within the United States. If you visit one of our sites from a location outside the United States, please be advised that any information you provide may be processed in and transferred to the United States, where privacy protections may not be as comprehensive as those in the European Union or other locations. By using the Website or Services, you consent to this transfer and to the use of your personally identifiable data as described herein.”

    Another example is Californication, which has in its footer on the main page: ” This website is intended for viewing solely in the United States and its territories and possessions.”

    Does anyone know why is that? What is the issue?

    Thank you!

  • Defintion and information at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personally_identifiable_information

  • In the UK, after a student has sat an exam and they have been graded, can they legally request their examination papers?

    If so which laws apply to this area.

    Papers bearing the student’s name and / or personally Identifiable candidate code such as a student number, would surely imply the Data Protection Act can be invoked to provide the student with access to this information.

  • How do television stations determine how many viewers are watching? For example, when I hear an advertisement stating a show has seven million viewers, how do they know?

  • Does Google only track and save your information if you are logged-in to a Google account, or YouTube account (or other Google-related sites/services)? Or will Google track and save the search and browse history associated with searches and browsing history on your PERSONAL computer (i.e. your IP address)?

    And as a side-note, I NEVER conduct any types of searches that I wouldn’t want to be saved or data-banked while I’m logged-in to my email(s), or any other account for that matter.

    Does anyone know? If so, what is the best way to eliminate, prevent, or at least limit the amount of information Google will be collecting, using and sharing starting March 1st when Google’s new “Privacy Policy Practices” will come into effect?

    Thanks for your replies!!


  • Does Googles privacy policy also apply to the use of Android? Will they be able to gather and distribute information of everything we do on our phones and tablets?

  • -what’s your opinion

    -and your reasoning

    -links are appreciated

  • If my website is the same as another website and I want to copy their “terms of service” and “Privacy policy” is that illegal? Like plagiarizing legal forms but instead changing certain words. Or do I have to hire someone to do it for me?

  • I just have question that i watch anime and download from nyaa.eu by using utorrent. After march1 when new google privacy launchers what happen? Im going to get caught if i still download after new privacy launchers? How about download from other countries website like im korean so can i download from korean website to download anime?

  • What’s the fuzz all about?
    Can someone sum up the new privacy policy for me?

  • what is google’s privacy policy about? it says i should read it. anything dangerous? if yes tell me what i should know. i am lazy to read this.

  • Privacy and Policies?
    Where can I register the privacy and policies of my website if I have one?

    ok if you have no idea on how to start a website so please just F*** off because I also did ask so many questions about programming on yahoo and seems like everyone who knows and doesn’t know open his/her mouth like they do know it all! So Please no Silly comments!!!

    it’s true this world is full of stupid people, heh!

    Thank you! 🙂
    Heh, No need for the names calling if you do not feel like helping then you better F*** off heh!
    some people are asking me to do some breathing excersises before I ask a question, Heh! but you know what sometimes it’s better to let people think your stupid than to open your mouth and prove it! 🙂

    Now for real if you do not feel like helping you better not to open your mouth 😀 Because I know you do not know but just blabbering!! 😀

    Thanks 😀

  • What is this new privacy policy of google and how does it affect to users..I mean does it interfere in our web history or keep an eye on us? Is it harmful or useful ? Does it track our record ?

  • Hello, I have a external 500 GB free agent pro hard drive that simply failed, if I take this hd to data recovery services and they pull the information out of the hd they will obviously see all the information that I have, I have a lot of stuff like games and other things downloaded from limewire and some movies that I backed up, are they able to get me in trouble for that? the thing is that in this hd is my wedding video and I may get killed if i don’t get it back but I also don’t want to get in trouble for all the limewire stuff, if anyone knows how that actually works please let me know and also please only answer if what you know it’s a fact, I don’t need opinions. Thanks
    Are you able to name any company names tha I could use?

  • I am a little bit paranoid and do not like the idea that a specific website can record personally identifiable information, such as IP or Email address, and can also see what you are doing. Am I right in thinking that Internet server logs can only hold information on you for a set period of time? i.e before the logs become too filled up, or perhaps due to government restrictions?

    Is this also true for ISPs? I know they can record your browsing information but surely this must get deleted somewhere down the line?

    I would be a lot happier if I knew that information about what websites I visit is not carved in stone and recorded for evermore!

  • On my list I made, I have:Junk Mail, Cds, Cassettes tapes, DVDs, Floppy Discs, Credit Cards, paper, cardboard, coins, vhs tapes, wood, pictures, wallets, jewerly, money, shoes, tires, potteries, tools, and maybe window panes. I would like a list of items I forgot please. Thanks for the help

  • If so, what has to be addressed in the policy?

  • am really feeling lonely,all alone now…..i really want people to talk to,especially good christians,i really feel like no one cares…i wet my pillow each night with my tears,even though i appear to be normal..on the outside….i really need to talk to people who would understand me,not judge me…and i really can use some friends..

  • ?!

  • What to have in consideration to write a privacy policy. Guidelines for the policy.

  • I don’t wants my friend list to be shown on public search index. How can I hide it?

    It seems like this option is been forgotten with this new policy.
    No, I still can’t hide my friend list on public search.
    Ok, now I could hide friends on public search. How can I custome and hide friends from a friend list?

  • Blizzard entertainment will be forcing players to give out their real name which is a complete change in their privacy policy. Is there any way to fight this legally or otherwise ?

    Help keep these forums a fun and safe place for everyone – please report any Code of Conduct violations you see, including:

    * Threats of violence. We take these seriously and will alert the proper authorities.
    * Posts containing personal information about other players. Physical/email addresses, phone numbers, and inappropriate photos and/or videos.
    * Harassing or discriminatory language. This will not be tolerated.

    Is the current policy it will change and force players to use their REAL NAME while posting on the forum. If you dont have a specific answer if there are links to privacy policy laws ide appreciate a link.

  • what is the privacy policy that is followed by printer vendors on internet?

  • I went to a website that said it logged my IP and MAC address. What personal information can the site who logged my IP and MAC know about me? Could they find out my name or phone number or any personally identifiable information? Should I be worried about ID theft?

  • Is there a generic privacy policy for web? Basically stating that info will be collected such us IP and address but will not be sold.

    My site requires to sign in to blog or post on forums. Thanks.

  • I, recently, watched a news on TV which said that Google has changed its privacy policy and it will now use and sell personally identifiable information. And that it will only do this if the user is logged in to google’s account while using google’s services. It may also read the emails in gmail.

    How much true is that and what is wrong with google?

  • In other words, what happens in the office stays in the office? Are the non-professional staff instructed in this, too?

  • Note: this is not for me, we are debating on a site because someone underage signed up

    The question says it all… If you are underage and sign up for a site, no porn or anything, is it illegal? Or is it just the site owners decision whether he should be banned or not

  • On a site that I wont say, in the Usage Policy it sates “The tracker may not be used by anyone with the intention to track usage, log ip addresses/usage” So how is it acceptable for them to track users.

  • ANYONE can look at personal info from pictures to groups.
    Every person have mutual friends with, i can NOW (NOT EVER BEFORE) SEE their personal info.
    How do I know someone’s checking out my profile?
    What is facebook trying to do?

  • Is there anything on the Facebook Privacy Policy that would state that if you disclose information on fb in anyway, that users may do with the information what they will? That you lose your privacy claims after disclosing said info.

  • They have both changed their privacy policies within days of each other but why? Has some new law come in to play forcing them to make changes?

    Googles privacy policy states:
    “We will share personal information with companies, organisations or individuals outside Google if we have a belief in good faith that access, use, preservation or disclosure of the information is reasonably necessary to:

    *meet any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request.
    *enforce applicable Terms of Service, including investigation of potential violations.
    *detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues.
    *protect against harm to the rights, property or safety of Google, our users or the public, as required or permitted by law.”

    Has this always been Googles policy or is this a recent change? Personally I dont like the fact they can legally share info about me just because they may have a belief. Hotmails privacy policy also says something very similar.
    Will Googles privacy policy also affect devices that use Android? As in not just monitor, gather and distribute our online information but everything that we do and is stored on an Android phone or tablet?

  • They said something about Google storing our data of things we search and we should switch search engines to….Bing and i forgot the other one but i noticed bing also saves your search history O.o is Bing really more private than Google?

  • i have one, and i don’t want it anymore, any way to delete it??

  • if so what has to be addressed in the policy?

  • Some requests come through (with person’s name, and other personal information required for membership) while others do not. Several senders of messages that did not contain the requisite information, said that they did send the information when membership was first requested. Is this an ISP-issue? Can anyone help?

    Beth, Group Moderator

  • I dont have a google account but i use it to search various web sites etc..How do i delete my browsing history since i dont have a google account?

  • Step by step would be nice. Also I’m using an iPhone

  • Popular social networking site Facebook has been facing criticism for its privacy policies and despite making some changes, many privacy advocates say it’s not enough.

    Primary critics have even created a QuitFacebookDay.com site where it asks, if you agree that Facebook doesn’t respect you, your personal data or the future of the the Web then you may want to join in quitting Facebook on May 31 which they have declared as the offiical Quit Facebook Day.

    What do you think, will all these issues make you quit Facebook? Why? Share your views to the community now.

  • Popular social networking site Facebook has been facing criticism for its privacy policies and despite making some changes, many privacy advocates say it’s not enough. Primary critics have even created a QuitFacebookDay.com site where it asks, “If you agree that Facebook doesn’t respect you, your personal data or the future of the the Web” then you may want to join in quitting Facebook on May 31 which they have declared as the offiical “Quit Facebook Day”.

    What do you think, will all these issues make you quit Facebook? Why? Share your views with the community now.

  • I met this boy on Omegle Chat (I was super bored plus i enjoy TALKING to other people from other countries) and we spoke for like 2 hours his from Germany and i gave him my email address and fb we have added eachother and he looks genuine so we just talk…. I havent given out any info but is this dangerous? All we do is talk so!

  • http://m.zdnet.com/blog/btl/twitter-uploads-contact-list-data-without-consent-retains-for-18-months/69480

    Have you given up or never got involved with “social media” due to privacy concerns?
    I do not use them and am wondering how to avoid google, which is hard to do, especially since they bought you tube.

  • I work for a small trash business (we collect peoples trash and supply dumpster to home residents) at the beginning of the year we sent out a piece of paper to have our customers fill our to update billing/service addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses (in case people wanted to be billed by email) because a lot of our customers have been around for 10+ years so alot of #s and addresses were out of date…

    Some guy called me up, really assholey and said that is way too much information to be asking for and we should of included a privacy policy… is he right? is it required to have a privacy policy?

    We are not asking for any more information (besides email) then we have since we started 30years ago.. and you can find most of this on internet services such as whitepages.com?

  • There’s this girl I met during some event at school (university). We talked for at least half an hour, I really liked her. I added her on facebook later that day.

    Now, I want to see her again, but she’s not very active on facebook (it took her 5-6 days to accept my friend request and she’s never online).

    I’m not sure what approach I should take now.

    (1) Send a private message to invite her for coffee?
    (2) Send a private message and ask her for her phone number, then text her or call her to setup a date?
    (3) Other ideas?

    I don’t wanna be too lame and ask her out on facebook but I don’t have any other way to see her again.


  • Besides wearing protection 🙂
    I will give anyone who answers a thumbs up on this question. I don’t give thumbs down on any question I ask, so if you see one next to your answer, it wasn’t from me. Cheers.

  • A while back my mom promised me that even though I’m underage and on my parent’s cell phone plan, they can’t look at my texts online because AT&T has a privacy policy prohibiting it. (Unless there’s a court order, of course)
    Today my dad showed me some texts I’m pretty sure they went through my phone to find, but he claimed he just saw them online when he was logged in to AT&T. I just don’t like being lied to. Which is true? I’m 17 and on my parents’ phone plan under my father’s name.

  • this webpage is for a small business, but collects no data online. I have limited pages bc i am using an inexpensive web-builder plan. How bad would it be to completely omit privacy policy?

  • in computer terminolegy

  • im about to apply their for a google survey taker and want to make sure?

  • If it doesn’t sell, than how does it make money if its free?

  • I am just after reading a couple, and they are actually awful! It seems most websites that I would have normally trusted send all you private information to third parties and use it for commercial gain… and no one knows because well who reads the privacy policy…

  • cant remember someone’s address

  • I’ve heard that there should be Privacy Policy page found for every site that I monetize with adsense. How in the world should I add a Privacy Policy? And what is a Privacy Policy anyway (and I don’t mean the literal meaning of it, what i mean to ask is if it is a piece of code or smth else)?

    Okay so I’ve tried to research and it only makes me confused. Because there are those that lead me to “Privacy Generator” stuffs, and there are those that tells me to add DoubleClick DART, which when I open it from Adsense help center it leads me Privacy Center that does not provide “how-to’s”

    Pls any help? I would really much appreciate.

  • any reason why everyone does this? is it to cover their asses legally?

  • somebody has hacked into my account and is sending emails to everyone in my address book. how can i stop this

  • so i have been writing a book for a few years, and I want to sort of tell some of my family. but the one problem is they are in it and some of them if not all of them will probably never speak to me again. I also want to show my counselor the book when its done because her opinion means alot too. along with my aunt and uncle. any opinions? please help
    I did change names and traits but they will know who is who

  • The MySpace Website is a general audience site and does not knowingly collect PII from children under 13 years of age.

    idk what that means?
    thank you very much! am going 2 pick u as best answer!!!!!!!!!thanks!!!!!!!!

  • while developing a facebook app, one of the section demands for the Users private policy.
    What should i gave in this section, and if i have to make one of my own,then what are the steps and where can i start form?

  • I’m starting a small business selling beauty products online. The #1 rule is your policy cannot be exactly the same as any other store policies out there. But there are hundreds of online store and most of their policies sound exactly alike, specially the ones that offer the same products. Does anyone here have any advise? (thanks)

  • Ive got some personal things to ask, and my email address is universal, everyone knows my email address; i would be more comfortable to make my questions anonymous…. help!

  • i met this guy over the internet and he wants to come and meet me….but i have a boyfriend and this other guy doesnt know my age…if that makes snese….what do i do?

  • im trying to watch salt and it wont let me watch it then it says u need security code and i dont have that so when i click the link it brings me to google and i dont no wta to luk up on google? help me please

  • Day by day, our communication is being furnished with new and more sophisticated wireless devices and the trend in the use of wireless equipment is increasing extensively. Do you see that in future, all networks based on physical communication media will completely be replaced by the wireless media where every device in the network will be without wire? In your opinion, will it be possible to have every network without physical communication media or there will always be the need of physical communication media for networks? Give solid reason supporting your opinion.

  • I rented a computer from Rent-A-Center until I had enough saved up to but my own and I recently returned it. I was wondering if they had to erase everything. I deleted my files and stuff like that but there are things you cant erase without special programs such as index.dat files and I was wondering If they deleted every trace of you being on the computer.

  • So there is this really cool website called Kongregate. I don’t know if I am old enough to become a member on it though. Does anybody know how old you have to be? If you tell me some secrets or other things a beginner doesn’t know about Kongregate I will award best answer! 10 points!

  • questions why asking questions only self identify what is the reason

  • ( I know this is in the wrong section but i know lots of girls come here)

    Hello, so I have a major problem and made some thoughtless actions.

    Im not working in Japan on a working visa for a kids enlgihs class.

    I work with 4 japanese teachers who are part of my team.

    Anyway, these ladies are pure evil… even though im doing my job right, they ask me to do extra things that im not suposed to do, and if I do not live up to their standards, I get complained about.
    So, I have an online journal to keep in touch with my family.
    When i write something, im careful not to mentions names, or anything about the company. Im good friends with one of the japanese teachers and she can read my diary. Obviously I know she reads its so I wouldnt say anything really stupid. But i did complain about them complaining about me. She saw this and is soo angry at me that she called the company and made a complaint.

    The thing is, My foriegn co workers are all onmy side and all agree im being bullied by these ladies.
    But when i mention that to the boss, and othher ppl, they laughed at me. They said I was stupid to do this and gave me the decision to leave or stay. Obviously they cant fire me because this has nothing to do with my teaching. Im a great teacher! So i told them I want to stay of course because I only have a few months till my contract ends.

    I want to know your opinion on this…

    I would like to point out, I did not curse these japanese teachers, I just wrote what they had said to me and how they belittled me in many ways and what to do for them to stop.

    Thanks in advanced
    Thak you lululemon.
    You have said everything that ppl have told me. It is so weird that the japanese ppl take this in a different way. Well I still have my jon but it will be awkward from now and could affect my end of the year bonus.

  • what are the things you need to watch out for ?/ive just got one and im not sure what to write to him ??/

  • It is not working I tried installing the yahoo.com but wont connect. (914) 316-4004 [email protected]

  • Hey, I’m interested to start a new blog for personal uses. But i came across friends who’s been asking me to use different host like xanga,myspace, blogspot and so on. Will really appreciate it if anyone can tell me the pros and cons and their experience. Thanks.

  • This girl i went to school with is now working in a medical office where she has access to patients files. On several occasions she has posted pictures of patients records on her facebook page because she finds them funny. She’s done this for receipts of payment for STD testing but claims she isn’t doing anything wrong because she blanks out the name of the patient and says its just for fun because the reciet had so many codes and was wondering what disease this person had.Most recent she’s posted a picture of someone file with their name because it was foreign and she found it be more than hilarious and wanted to share this to all her friends on facebook. This time she says its ok because she made up the address so its no problem. I have a big issues with this because shes invading personal privacy and those records should be kept private but I don’t know what i should do if anything. Can you guys give me your advice on this.

  • Can someone enter your e-mail or something to find you on here? I think my ex-boyfriend of 3 years went looking for me on here. I just got an e-mail saying this person just added me as a contact it’s not his full name though but no way that it’s not him (like for instance he has always gone by “Michael” but is now going by “Mike”). I blocked him but am wondering how he found me? I took him off my Facebook and Myspace, I also blocked him on AIM. How did he find me? Oh and since I blocked him that means he’ll no longer be notified when I ask or answer a question right? Or did I just screw this up by asking this? I know he could search through all the questions to find mine but that would be crazy lol.

    Oh and if you’re reading this “Michael”, ummm sorry you found it??

  • in icici bank

  • Will this be the end of Yahoo answers – users lacking judgment and good sense posting phone numbers of third parties without their express consent? Is this a violation of Yahoo’s AUP? Or better are their state and federal laws covering this?

  • Does a thumbs.db contain any personally identifiable information?

  • All of the links go to ‘marketingresponse.monster.com’.

  • Have they lost their marbles?

  • HELP…

  • There is a girl who is a nurses assistant, who is my facebook friend.

    She posted a picture of a tube filled with fluid that was aspirated out of a patients shoulder joint.

    The picture does not have the patients name in it, but it has the patient’s date of birth, and a sheet with step by step instructions for the shoulder aspiration. She also tagged the photo to the office that she works at.

    Was it legal for this person to post the photo on facebook? … And if it was not legal, can you explain why, so that I can know, and possibly talk to her about it.

  • Does anyone know the address to unsubscribe from AG? I signed up for free thirty day trial but find it too hard to use compared to Care 2 free cards. I had to give a credit card for it to be charged to after the thirty day free trial but don.t want it now but cant find an address to send ‘unsubscribe ‘ to.

  • BQ1: What all should we not share?
    BQ2: What all do you keep private?
    BQ3: Should I keep my profile public or private?

  • We have a customer log-in sheet near the front office to record customers and what they need. We had a customer come in the other day and say it is illegal for us to do that based on the Hippa regulation. She said we aren’t allowed to display the previous customer’s names and information for others to see. Is that accurate? Does that apply to us or is that just for medical settings?

    Thank you!

  • My mom is Evil. She has never cared for me. my dad left when I was 2. I live with my Grandparents and mom. since i’m 14, I can’t do much. Everyone in this house is always fighting. It messes with my nerves. What can I do to escape this Tyrany? Will someone call me and just talk about anything. I don’t care male or female, just call for fun. my # is 509-261-1274. Help me, call me, talk to me. just, say “hi.” even! my life sucks!!! I didn’t tell my whole story, but if you call, I can tell it all.

  • is there an age requirement to participate at this website?

  • http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/08/01/AR2008080103718.html
    Bona: The question is this—please look at the link and tell if you feel they are saying they eaves dropped on private messenger convos?
    Then Yahoo needs to monitor dsds, he’s psychotic.
    Bono: So what’s saying a grown woman needs a diaper change fall uder? As that’s what dsds said about me! Why are you being such a creep to me?

  • In my opinion Metacafe is nothing but spam and other junk that I do NOT wish to receive. They make it nearly impossible to unsubscribe. Can someone PLEASE help me?

  • Hi I downloaded the Veoh download from their website http://www.veoh.com and I wondered is it safe? the reason I ask is my pc virus scan found some spyware and things and I am sure it never has before, the virus protection is kaspersky and I only just realised it scans on its own DUH so maybe it did find virus before yet I never noticed? anyway what are your views on this? hope you can help xxx

  • An regular user says he knows how I really am, I never use my real name on here. I use different names. Someone in the travel vietnam section says they know who i am.

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