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20000 Loan Approved No Driver License

In this tough economy, struggling to make ends meet has become a common occurrence for many families. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this trend of high unemployment and low pay will be disappearing any time soon.There will always be bills to be paid, and being unemployed can make it very stressful for everybody involved. Fortunately there are companies on the internet that provide cash 20000 loan approved for unemployed people. Payday 20000 loan approved Online is now among the companies who are able to offer financial help to those in this predicament. When life comes at you quick, these loan companies can get you out of a pinch. Issues such as; emergency home repairs, illness, car maintenance, and banking issues can all cause big issues for individuals who currently have no income.These people may feel as though they just keep digging a deeper hole for themselves. By offering the unemployed a payday, these persons are able to keep themselves from falling into deeper financial strain, and provide the necessary support their family may need.

What We offer

100 percent payday 20000 loan approved therefore are soft or short term loans that are applied and approved within a short period of time. This means cash in your checking account, and in your hand. With one simple application, you can have the cash you need, when and where you need it-in an hour! You don’t have time to wait around for a bank loan. You need funds quick! Therefore, they can help you handle your emergency well, more so when you do not have the money. In addition, the process of applying for these loans is very simple. One simple application is all you need. Done. Another good thing about 100 percent pay day loans is the fact you are not required to verify the information you give. In about an hour, your information will be verified, and your loan will be available. Furthermore, the interest rate charged on the loan you take is fully disclosed to you. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the terms of your loan, you are under no obligation.

Apply Online with us

There is no other method of acquiring a 20000 loan approved that is easier, and there never has been. From the comfort of your own home, you can apply for a loan privately and conveniently, with no credit check. Applying for a loan from us is completely safe and worry-free. Filling out our online application form benefits from a secure encryption technology that gives you the confidence and peace of mind that your transactions with us are save and secured. Don’t wait. When you need money fast, take advantage of our easy loan services, and never let a credit check stop you from having the funds you need.

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  • my parents are looking for a loan mortgage company.
    also, is it possible for different loan companies to give the same person different pre approvals? like for different amounts of money?

  • How do payday loan companies verify your identity as they don’t do credit checks? they ask for your national identity number but what info can they get from that?

  • I’ve been short of money the last few months and I looked online recently and found a bunch of loan companies have been stealing money yet I’m not signed up with ANY loan companies. How do I stop them from taking more and most importantly getting my money back

  • Looking to start up a deli/restaurant business. Have had scam and loan companies call all day and night, but im looking for an actual accredited loan corporation. I also have no credit, it is quite the dilemma. Any help would be fantastic. Thanks
    Yes we have a business plan. Sorry new to the yahoo answers

  • Are payday loan companies you find online reputable? If you have used one, had a good or bad experience, please let me know?

  • I applied for a pay day loan with an online company and my application was rejected because I don’t have pay stubs. I own my own business but recently fell short of cash. I won’t bother with the online payday loan companies that claim not to review income at all because they just direct me to scam websites. Anyone know of a good online payday loan company that will give me a loan by just reviewing my bank statements?

  • I was just wondering what cash loan company is the easiest or fastest that requires no credit? I only need a little of assistance and iam sure i can pay it off with next pay check. But a lot of companies dint tell you the requirements and things until after you have signed up and gone through the hassle..anyone know something about a good legit easy one?

  • I’m talking about private student loan companies that let you borrow about $20,000 or more.

  • What Loan company will take over my federal student loans when the loans are in default so I can go back to school?
    My loans are government loans from Saillie Mae. I owe them under $5000.
    I heard about this company that will take over your school loans from them but I don’t know the name of the company.

    I am at the point where I can’t get a federal student loan until I pay this off.

  • I have to set up the sewer and water on my land, and it will cost me about 4,000 dollars. Do most mobile home loan companies work with you on that? If not, where else can i get a loan for it?

  • I owe a loan company that has my car title. I’m getting tired of the car its been in 2 accidents 1 justba couple days ago. I really want to trade it in and get rid of it. Will any dealership take it?

  • Hello Yahooers!
    I want to sell my used car, but I currently have a loan out for the car.
    Hows the process work of transferring the title from the loan company to the buyer?

    The buyer will be paying a little more than the loan pay off amount that I was quoted from the loan company, but I dont think the buyer will want to write me a check BEFORE the title is transferred to their name first…

    Has anyone gone through this process?


  • The loan company promised to get me the loan within 16-21 days but it has been 8 months (242 days) and i still don’t have the loan.

  • i am looking for a payday loan company that will approve me for a loan. got bad credit and keep getting refused by other payday loan companies.
    need it asap . any suggestions please?

  • I made credit mistakes many years ago (almost 6) and my credit is still horrible. I need dental work and can not get approved by any loan companies. Does anyone know of a reliable loan company, that will guarnatee a lend to people with bad credit? I need a loan that is atleast 5000$ or almost!

    Thanks for any knowledgable advice!

    A friend of mine recently moved and gave her loan company her new mailing address. This address is a mailbox at a UPS Store, and is different from her physical address. She has never given out her physical address, not even to the UPS Store, and uses the mailbox address for all records (DMV, Bank, etc.). She is behind on payments, and the loan company called me since I am listed on a reference. They were trying to confirm her address, and repeated her “physical address”, the one that was never given ou t to anyone. How would they have this information? The vehicle is not equipped with lojack or any other anti-theft tracking device.

  • The car is worth $18,000… The title loan only $4,500. Can I get a buyer to meet me at the title loan office so that they may be confident this is not a scam? Is there something a title loan company can do to note that the lien is paid in full? Does the buyer have to pay cash? Or can they finance it? Will the bank or the buyer wait to get the title back?

  • I’m went to a installment loan company here in my home town. They’re called Courtesy Loans. They said that they would need my employers number, which I’m fine with, but i don’t know how I feel about my employer knowing that I’m applying for a loan. What sort of things get discussed during this conversation?

  • What Loan company will take over my federal student loans when the loans are in default so I can go back to school?
    My loans are government loans from Saillie Mae. I owe them under $5000.
    I heard about this company that will take over your school loans from them but I don’t know the name of the company.

  • If I already took out a $20,000 loan, and I would like to take out another $20,000 loan, would it be accepted by a Loan company such as Sallie Mae or Chase? What factors are considered? Are there any other loan companies to take a look at?

  • What does a student loan company like Stafford do to co-signers? Do they get notified of the loan if someone takes one out and uses them as a co-signer but pays it back right away? If so, how? I joined the army so I get loan repayment.

  • I need to find a legitimate loan company that loans to people with defaults and CCJ’s that doesn’t charge ridiculous interest rates and doesn’t charge upfront fees etc. I need a consolidation loan.

  • I used to have a room mate (Angie). The phone was in my name. I moved out and moved my phone account with me. Angie’s nephew (Frank) apparently got a loan and gave the loan company my number though he has never lived with Angie nor me. I have told the loan company that Frank does’t live here and never has. Each time they call, the caller is a different person and I keep asking them to stop calling my number. My number is registered with the National Do Not Call Registry but it is my understanding that they can’t help me because of the “established business relationship” exemption, even though I don’t do business with them.

  • if a insurance check is written out to me and my loan company for a car wreck i was n ….how will i get the check cashed?

  • I owe a loan company for giving me a loan and using my title as collateral. Can I still trade it in or no? Note that it is in bad condition from.previous accidents 1 just a couple days ago. The loan was not for me to get the car I already owned it just used my title to get a loan for something else.

  • Who is the governing board or authority for loan companies and who can they be reported to if it case they turn out to be bad? My friend needs help with this question. Thanks for the input from all.

  • A student loan was taken out, and deferment of repayment began immediately for a max deferment of 5 years before forced repayment. The borrower took time away from school and re-payed the loan while working away from school. The borrower returned to school, and is now being forced to repay as the max deferment has been reached. Is the private loan company allowed to do this? What rights does the borrower have? Where can I find information on student loan borrower rights and laws?

  • I am currently a notary in Maryland. I know that many title companies and loan companies use local notaries to meet with clients to close on equity loans, new home and refinance loans, etc. Anyone know any companies or contacts for this? Any ideas on how to start? THANKS!

  • Equifax is reporting an unpaid civil judgment when in fact it was paid over seven years ago. It is also falsely reporting a federal tax lien. I am disputing this info with proof and after these two items are taken off, my credit score will be higher. The loan company only uses Equifax. Do you think that the loan company will give me a better rate after it is discovered that my credit score at the time the loan was made was inaccurate?
    What do you think? I am requesting to the loan company in my letter to them today that my interest rate be later changed to reflect the true credit score since their interest rate is “base upon” that score. Thank you.

  • There is a loan company here in town and I need to take out a loan to pay my rent. What types of things do these companies usually accept as collateral and what types of things don’t they tend to accept?

  • I have a debate about Payday loan companies, and I have to argue that they are morally wrong and should be banned? Any useful points ideas?
    Also, how do I start the speech?
    Look, I need you to tell me points to help MY side of the argument, not the opponents! What about its the governments duty to protect the most vulnerable people in society from getting into spirals of debt?
    Oh Athena, please dont be so rude. This is a school debating competition, i dint choose to argue this motion, and i dont really have a huge oppinian of it anyway. And I didnt even call it morraly wrong, I HAVE to debate this. So please READ MY QUESTION before answering with such a rude tone.

  • I have several loans with loan companies n they are secure with household goods. Can they do this?

  • I currently have a nelly mae loan(sallie mae) and they are way too high. Whats a good loan company for me to look at for next school year? PLEASE ONLY ANSWER IF YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TAKEN OUT A LOAN WITH THE PLACES YOU RECOMMEND.

  • I was laid off for 2 months and am just now finding a job. I was needing to take out a personal loan but since i’m just starting my new job i was wondering how loan companies will verify my employment with a company? I don’t want them calling my new employer of just ONE week and telling them i’m applying for a loan…that just looks bad i think.

  • What loan company has the lowest interest rate for people with bad credit?

  • My neighbor took out a title loan and the dmv mailed her the title instead of sending it back to the loan company and without the loan company as a lien holder on the vehicle. Her first payment isn’t due yet and she is afraid she can get into trouble. So what happens now? What should she do?

  • My Roommate is in need of some money so she can keep up with ends meet until she gets her next disbursement of financial aid. Is there any payday loan companies that are actually credible? or is there a different and more reliable route?

  • I am trying to buy a home in the range of $50,000-$60,000
    I don’t know the right process or words to search loan companies and I am in need of help
    I am in Gonzales Louisiana
    United States

  • if not do you know any other trusting loan companies?

  • I am beyond broke and have some past due bills not to mention kids needing some diapers ASAP. Are there any small loan companies that will give a loan based on your pending IRS refund? I was turned down for the rapid refund this year. Thanks.

  • IM doing a bit of research in to a credit account, if a pay day loan company are going to place a default on an individuals credit report, do they need to follow a process, ie send a letter to an individual with a certain timescale to meet before hand etc?

  • I currently have SallieMae as a loan company but their interest is through the roof. Are there better companies and if so what are they? I need details!

  • I know some payday loan companies are just sharks – which should I avoid? And if my monthly income is $3400 and my credit is about 560, which – if any – would give me a $2500 loan? And what would be the terms? It’s for a small business startup but I’ve researched small business loans and I can’t find any that I could get with my credit except the payday loans. Thanks!

  • I just want to know what your thought are on loan companies. Money Mart actually supported the Canadian Government efforts to regulate payday loans and asked all of their customers to sign a petition in favor of it. Who do you think should take responsibility for this kind of debt?

  • My husband was notified that he is being sued by a loan company for defaulting on payments. They told him that because he is a college student they can take his student loans and grants… Is there any truth to this?

  • What Loan company will take over my federal student loans when the loans are in forbearance so I can go back to school?
    My loans are government loans from Saillie Mae. I owe them under $5000.
    I heard about this company that will take over your school loans from them but I don’t know the name of the company.

  • Like if they leave the country, change they’re name, and cant be traced. im sure the loan company doesnt want to spend a fortune on locating someone. Ive heard sometimes the amount spent to track someone down can be as much as the loan itself. With interest rates offered of say 7 or 8% how do they keep afloat?

  • My fiancee and I are in a bind, and we’re in desperate need for fast cash (up to $3,000). We need a loan that we can pay back over time, and NOT a payday loan.

    What are some good, legitimate loan companies/websites? What all do we need when applying? Again, neither of us have the best credit!

  • How does the process of of no credit check loan companies deciding on loan works? I know that they require checking account, but how do they check if you ever had bounced checks?

  • I quit uni after about 2 months in, and was given a lot of money by the student loans company. Some of this was a grant over payment, and I have paid that back. The uni are also asking for a bit more money, which is also fine.

    How can I find out if I owe any more money at this time? Also, how can I find out if and when I have to pay it back?

  • Hi! I’m in NC looking for a personal loan company that I can make the first payment in a month or later (NOT a payday loan company). Paying them back in less than a month or starting my payments in less than a month won’t be what I’m looking for. And I’m only needing about $300. Does anyone have any good or bad experiences with any loan companies that you can recommend or warn me of? I’d appreciate the feedback!

  • My wife barrowed money 4 years ago from a check for cash type loan company and paid them off. Now 4 years later she keeps getting harrasing letters from them saying she owes an outlandish amount. She calls and they say they are sorry she doesn’t owe anything and say they will fix it. Several months later they are at it again. What can we do to get them to stop for good?
    Thanks for all the great input!

  • will the title loan company repo a car as soon as you miss a payment?

  • If a loan company decides to stop providing loans for students that go to a particular school, what would be the reason for this?

  • I keep falling behind in my payments & can not afford it anymore I owe about $9,000 from a $14,000 loan.Through a car loan company finance. What do you suggest I could do?? I would like to sell it but i am stuck?

  • My husband received a letter from his student loan company saying that because he is delinquent with payments, they are going to seize his income tax return. If we file jointly, will they take the OUR whole return even though both of our incomes are included?
    My husband isn’t injured. So basically, I should file seperatly from him?

  • Ok well my mother decide to get a loan on some cash from a loan company in south Texas. She has not paid in a few months and they sent her a letter saying that they will be taking her to court in the comming 5 days if she doesn’t pay $77 bucks. She owes them about $250.00 dollars and she has been paying them in the past but she recently lost her job and they have been going and knocking on here door demanding money, or to take some of her belongings. Now this please give me some advice on this she is really worried. If you need more info feel free to email me?

  • How could i get a title for a bike with a description like this…”The loan company went under and sold the account. The account has been sold 2 more times and was closed 2/2010.” any help would be great thanks!!

  • A loan company out Scotland called: Lewis Brown Loan Firm Investment Company? some one on here recommended them to me i was just wondering if they were REALLY LIGIT nad if any one had ever used them to get a loan? PLEASE RESOND A.S.A.P.

  • This company has approved me for loan but they are asking for a deposit first and I cannot find information, whether bad or good about them anywhere on the internet.

  • Help I think I have been ripped off. Does anyone known any loan scam company’s? Do you usually just email you and tell you about them and sound an honest company and then tell you to pay fee through western union and documents. Has any heard of mrs grace ogbodu easy link loan company

  • When I moved into my rented house 3 months ago, there was a car in the back yard that had been abandoned by the previous tenant. Lately, thugs from a title loan company have been coming around saying they are here to take the car. I asked them to show me their legal authorization. All they showed me was a paper from the title loan company signed by the previous tenant. So I told them they cannot come on to my property until they come back with a legal warrant signed by a judge.

    They have come back several times since, without a legal warrant, and they have threatened to prosecute me for theft. All I’m doing is asserting my property rights and defending the 4th Amendment to the Constitution (which I swore to do when I joined the U.S. Army 40 years ago).

    Do the threats from the title loan company constitute felony extortion? What should I do about it?
    Out of the first 4 Answerers, Footflas is the only one who understand the Bill of Rights.

    As I renter, I have every right to forbid anybody from coming on my property without my permission or a warrant signed by a judge. The only exception is the owner of the house, and even he would need to give me 72-hours written notice before coming on my property without permission.

    I will not allow “repo men” to violate the Constitution. They may indeed be able to get a legal warrant from a judge to come and take the car. But there’s something in the Bill of Rights called “due process.” A paper from the title loan company signed by somebody who doesn’t live here is no substitute for a legal warrant.

    When somebody threatens me with violence via police enforcement when I am obeying the law and they are trying to violate the law (by illegal entry on to my property), I believe that is extortion.

    But I guess this is the wrong place to ask for advice. I guess I&#39

  • If the loan company has repo man coming after your car and you buy a new one can they get that one if they never got the one they were trying to get.

    Okay i dont want to hear give it to them or why didnt you pay your bill if you can buy another one. I need a simple yes or no.

    I would have paid if the compnay hadnt got sued and made me go to another company because they went bankrupt. Now the interest rates are terribly high and I dont want to pay it…They have been after my car for 5 months and I will be getting a new one next month so a simple yes or now will do.

  • My mortgage company is getting me an FHA loan. Why? How do I qualify for an FHA loan.?

  • I really don’t want to get a loan but at this point i haven’t a choice. Taking Education classes are draining but well worth it. What is the best, most reliable and understanding loan company for students?

    (*Personal experience very helpful!)

  • how to write a loan letter to a company?

  • I took out a payday loan that for $600 dollars a long time ago. Since then my account was sent to a collections agency. I recently made a payment arrangement and manged to get my balanced down to $233.00. However, I’ve become unable to continue the arrangement and asked if I could send $25 dollar payments every month. They aren’t willing to do that and they have threatened to take me to court and add on court fees as well. Are they just threatening me so that they can get the $233 I owe them or is it really feasible that they should sue me over such a small amount I owe them? It seems like they would lose more money if they were to sue me. Plus I still intend on sending them some money every month until I can pay off the balance. Thank you for your help!

  • So maybe I’m just bitter because of my situation, but how is it that companies who “help” students by offering loans to go to college can turn around and destroy every chance for a future a few years later. I feel like these companies have just turned into money hungry giants in an economy where even college grads are struggling to make ends meet. Your thoughts.

  • Why do they always get you to fill out there applications with bank details etc and then after you tell them you cannot get a guarantor they ask you for one!!!!!. The other thing is with these companies is that when they say your loan has been approved you cannot get hold of them for love nor money!!!. Has anyone else had the same experience? is there anything we can do about it?

  • My first year of college, I took out a loan with Sallie Mae and then promptly learned how terrible they are. So I’d rather not deal with them again.

    I’ve heard Wells Fargo is good to take out a student loan with? Any other “good” companies?

  • I’m wanting to get a student loan to pay for my tuition. I need to find a student loan company with a low interest rate and a 4 year defferal plan who will send the check directly to me. I tried using Astrive but the finance charges were outrageous. If you know of any possible solutions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

  • I would like to start a auto loan refi company to help
    people lower their rates and help get them out of debt. Where would I start? I have my marketing planed out but nothing further. Would I have to partner with a bank? and if so do they pay me a commision for every refi that I do?

  • I graduated this May and when I checked my student loan accounts I saw that the loan companies have my expected date of graduation in the fall of 2012. They say I don’t have to start paying my loans until 2013 (after 6 months of grace period). I think that I have to let them know I have graduated already but what happens if I don’t let them know? Are there any penalties or I just get a free year and a half of a grace period? Let’s say In 2012 they find out I have graduated in 2011. Can they immediately put my loan in default with out any notice?

  • I live in MS, and I need a payday loan company that is real, not these phony ones that are going to match you up with someone. My hands hurt from typing. We have had a major ordeal happen yesterday and need all the help we can get?

  • need a small loan, anyone know of any companies that would oblige me ? with bad credit?
    im in scotland

  • I owe money to a payday loan company. Note, I am in Texas.This was almost a yr ago but now I have lawyers calling me telling me this is going to court? is this legit or just their way of threatening you to get their money?

  • was told 7 months later after getting my car loan that there was a problem with how my down payment was paid and this company (call a )had buy back the loan from company [call b] thats has had tha loan since i got car.
    all this new company did give me a call asking when i will make my payment when i had it set up with company b to pay half.
    shouldn’t i get paper work showing who make payment to.
    and yes they did have my all my loan info as in how much was owed and how many payments where left but nothing more and always same ladie that calls when ask it’s i have talk my boss on that to do anything

    any help
    thank you all that do

  • Any suggestions on the best loan consolation companies? Thanks

  • OK i found the contact info in answers just E mail address

    [email protected]

    MR Alvin White is His name

    No. 18, Templesi Lane
    Airport Residential Area, Accra Ghana. ( Africa) (it’s ok this is not the NIGERIA lottery E mail scam )
    Tel: +23321720152,
    Mobile: +233247495851,
    Fax: 23321-724910. .
    HE called me twice sent another E mail with tems and that lawyer will send documents to me to sign and everything else loan is for $7000 only asking for 2% interest to be paid back $40 per month for 180 months HE totals it at only $7140 however it’s $7200 but 2% of 7 K is $140
    I searched every where for possible scam or Rip off of this company found nothing at all bad ! ANYONE have info about this company or person ? They have been around since 1997 is all i found but under differnt names ! HE states he is CEO now ! I just don’t want to get robbed i’m playing safe still searching for INFO cannot find anything !
    OK peggy thx but YOU just joined answers today I want answers from old members like at least been here for a month possibly top contributor !

  • Hi i need to know of any student loan companies that are still out there that send the check directly to the student. I have to take some classes at another college.The college is online as you can no longer use federal funding from more then one school that means parent plus loans direct student loans and the pell grant. Now the online school that im going to is not on any ones list so i had to use my home institution as the school on the loan application. That’s why i need the funds sent directly to me. My school will not issue a refund check to me until the following semester so sending the funds to them is not a option. i know there are some out there but i don’t know of any besides wells fargo that i had a horrible experience with

  • I recently took out a $2,000.00 title loan on my 2004 Ford Explorer and found myself in a position where I cannot replay the loan back. I understand the title loan company needs their money but I need my car. I did not have a job when I took the loan and still can’t find suitable job.

    The tilte loan company recently wrote to me about handling the car oveer to them and I don’t want to do that. They claimed that I owed them close to $3,695.00. I want to know what within my rights I can do to protect my car. I purchased the car for $ 8,000.00 and giving it back to them will kill me. I want to repay them back but they want me to give them so much that I don’t have. What can I do at this time to protect my car?

    I want to repay them. Please reply with advise. don’t tell me I need to repay the loan. I know that already.
    A Hunch you are full of shit.
    Top Contributor let me tell you something. I do not agree with your judgement. I would never give the car back or sell it. Her what I fail to mention. the title loan company failed to put a lien on the car. I still have my title on my hand and I can do what ever I want with it but it is the principle. I want to repay them period there is no question about that./

  • i dont have the best credit…..lol are there any trustworthy online auto loan companies that help bad credit?

  • well they told me to western union them 183 and they was gng to give me my loan

  • is there a loan company in the U.S that grants fast loan application for student?

  • Please help me 🙁

    I’m a final year student at my university and just before Christmas I was severely short on funds so I opted to take a loan out with a doorstep lending firm Shopacheck.

    The reason for this is I have tried my upmost to build up my credit rating over the years and did not want a credit check/refusal damaging this and this company seemed a sure thing. The loan itself was taken out at the end of November over a 32 week period but I paid it back, in full, with haste early January time.

    A few weeks ago I signed up to Experian to see how my credit rating is fairing as I plan on taking a career development loan out to do a masters after graduation.

    But to my shock the loan was still shown on Experian as an active line of credit. I thought this may just be a simple mistake on their part and may be easily rectified to reflect when it was actually paid on my credit report. However, upon contacting Shopacheck this was not the case. Not only was that debt still live but also a new loan that with charges amounts to £700 + an outstanding balance on the one that I had already paid off in full. They assured me that they would investigate it but since then they have fobbed me off each time I contact them when I think they are just trying to cover their own backs.

    I am now really worried because it is obvious that the agent I dealt with has used my details to access these loans an could default at any time which would reflect on me. Further the amount of credit now on my file has demolished my credit score due to their negligence. But now I feel I have little time to sort this in time for submitting my application for the career development loan if at all possible.

    Please help me any help would be gratefully accepted.

    Thanks a million in advance.
    Oh and could I sue the company and/or get my credit score corrected e.g. dated back to when it should have been paid?


  • If you never pay the loan back?

  • What payday loan companies are members of CSFA? I can’t find any on the CSFA website

    And I read online that payday loans are illegal in New Jersey yet I found this site for new jersey http://www.spotya.com/new-jersey-cash-advance so what’s a person to believe?

  • What private loan company for college students puts the money right into the students account?

  • I applied for some loan companies online, and I got refused on some and now I just had a phone call feom someone claiming to be from a lender company based in my local area (London). And he said he wanted to confirm my details, such as address and whether the house I was living in was mine or not and how long I had been living there. Then he said he needs my 16 digit card number, expiry date, and sort code so he can send me a confirmation email that I can log into their site with. He was talking so fast, and I’m a bit afraid that this would be fraud. Is it safe to give these details out over the phone? Is it normal for a lender to ask for them? I’m 18 so I don’t really know much about fraud, please help!
    http://www.creditbenefitservices.com/ This is their own website, according to what he said.
    00203516423 This is the number they called from. It looks a bit weird to me
    Thanks to everyone who replied. I have reported them to the police.

  • Some back story – I went to University in 2006, I did two years there and left because of personal reasons. Now I’m looking to go back to uni for another 3 years. I have spent good time looking for advise and help as to what I qualify for from the student loans company.
    Some people say its 5 years they will fund some say 4, but either way can someone tell me if I’m entitled to support.


  • They are asking for collateral on a loan because they say I am high risk

  • How to start dealing with student loan consolidation companies?

  • Shopping around for Student Loan Consolidation online can become tricky. There are many companies appearing as a direct source yet to find that most of these sites are sending their clients to the same lenders or through a direct student loan consolidation through the Department of Education. I have founds informative sites such as Student Loan Xchange http://www.studentloanxc.com and http://www.e-studentloancosnolidation.com and see that they offer Private and Federal school loan consolidation. Do you know of other reliable companies?

  • Anyone heard of a loan company called, Skylloan Skyloan, if so please tell me about them.

  • How by law can i get a loan company to stop calling and harassing me?..thank you

  • I took out a payday loan a few years ago when I was desperate for cash. It was only £200 and I made the re-payments but then I would take another £200 loan because I needed it. The loan has gradually increased from £200 and now I owe £820. I pay £160 a month and I’m not actually clearing any of the debt. I pay it back and then just take out a new loan. My credit rating is awful which is why I turned to these people in the first place. I would like to take out a proper loan so that I’m paying less than £160 a month and I’m actually getting out of debt again. There are so many loan companies online but the apr is really high. Does anyone know of a company I could use? Or any other ideas? Other than winning the lottery. Thanks
    Actually I obviously can afford to pay it back because I’m already paying £160 a month, it’s just not clearing any of the debt. If you’ve got nothing useful to say then please don’t bother.
    I’ve spoken to a few loan companies and now it turns out I don’t have enough debt to qualify for a loan? How crazy is that? I need to have at least £1,500 worth of debt!
    I’ve spoken to a few loan companies and now it turns out I don’t have enough debt to qualify for a loan? How crazy is that? I need to have at least £1,500 worth of debt!

  • For my financial aid relative to the university I’m attending, I am required to choose from a loan company to be responsible for lending me my federal student loans. However, I do not know which one to choose from. Some of the choices are Wells Fargo, Sallie Mae, Citibank, etc. Anyways, who should I discuss this with? Which one do I choose from? Thanks!

    P.S I do have an older brother who is also taking loans for college, but unfortunately he does not even know who he is borrowing from nor does he have any documents. 🙁

  • are there any actual bill consolidation loan companies for non homeowners that provide loans to consolidate bills not counsel or negoiate, actually consolidate bills with real loans
    please no sermons, just company names, i go to church 5 times a week

  • I took a loan Out with a well known loan company 4 years ago and finished paying it off around 3 years ago, I then got a letter this morning saying my file with all my personal details have gone missing and could have fallen into wrong hands, the file went missing 7 weeks ago yet they have only just warned me about this. Can I sue?

  • I need a small loan, max $1000, but am scared to use just any place online. I know interest rates are outrageous but I’m not worried about that. I’m just looking for places that people have had success with. Online would be nice.

  • I’m looking on the internet for a loan company that will take bad credit and do refinancing on auto loans for at least 3 yrs. We are trying to gain better credit and right now the loan we have is high interest and pmt is nuts. So I’m just looking to see if I can find a better place with a better pmt and interest. Thanks and please no junk
    Or even a bank that works with people with bad credit.

  • I need a small loan sent to me for about $2,000. What companies can send the check directly to me instead of sending it to financial aid ?

  • Has anyone used one of these loan modification companies? I keep hearing all these different reports. I am shopping them but I am scared of getting ripped off. Has anyone used one and if so what company was it, did they do what they said?

  • i am wanting a quick loan so i can have a night out tomoz lol i am only wanting to lend 100 pound what are the fastest loan company,s

  • I’m in need of a loan, but not a payday loan. I got a phone call after applying with a website “yes loans” and later found out it was a scam. It would have to be an unsecured loan as I am a council tenant. Thanks 🙂

  • Hello,

    I have taken some loan from Company (Ex: 200000) and I will be able to repay the same in 14 months, where first 13 months will be 5000 and in last month I can repay the rest of the balance amount.

    So wanted to know will there be any Tax that I have to pay via TDS?

    If Company will treat this as Salary Advance then how will tax will be calculated? And what will happen after I repay the Loan?

    If Company treat this as Loan then will there be any Tax or How will be the interest should be calculated that I should Pay?

    PS: I am in 20% tax bracket and Male Salaried Person.


  • Which is the best student loan company?
    I have to borrow at least 22K a year for college as an undergraduate.. ive been offered a direct plus parent loan.. idk if its right. I’ve also been offered 5k total of a subsidized and unsubsidized and idk if i should accept? HELP :

  • I settled with an education loan that went into default a couple of years ago and the during the settlement the education loan company sent a “settlement agreement” or a contract to sign stating what was agreed upon. Well, I recently paid the settlement back in august and it’s october and they haven’t changed the balance on my credit report to honor the settlement agreement. I talk to them and they stated that they would need 120 days to update the information on my credit report. I’ve since reported them to the BBB because of this conflict. Does anyone have any further advice to give? It would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
    Also to note: this loan is 7 years old.
    The settlement was being made as it was about to fall off of my credit report or hit the statue of limititations.

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