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No matter how well you plan, no one can anticipate everything. Sometimes life just makes it impossible to make ends meet. Even the most responsible of people can sometimes become overwhelmed by rising gas prices, grocery bills, electricity payments, cell phones, car payments, tuition-the list goes on and on, and sometimes can become unbearable. It is terrifying and humiliating to be unable to pay your bills. However, help is available. Payday 1hour direct loan lender are one such option when you need help quick. Best of all, these loans are fast and easy, and repayment is a snap. With no credit check required, these are make procuring the funds you need easy, even without a perfect credit score. There are a myriad of options concerning the manner in which a borrower can take money from a lender in order to get to payday. A payday loan is designed to help people that find themselves in financial distress weather the storm until their next payday. Without question, these types of loans are the simplest and cheapest way to take on a short-term loan.

What we offer

Companies such as Payday Loans Online or Net Loan USA, offer unemployed buck loans through their internet service. By providing some simple financial information via easy to use websites, unemployed users can be quickly approved for a loan. Many sites even offer guaranteed approval, regardless of financial information. This is an excellent service for individuals looking for loans who are unemployed. If your loan is approved, there are easy repayment terms available, over a period of time. These sites benefit users greatly by preventing them from falling into deeper debt. While you will be paying interest on your loan, this is often much lower than the fees and fines related to late and missing payments. By offering a buck loan for unemployed people, it gives them a way to get out of the house, and search for a job. You can even use these funds for cabs, buses, and gas cash for job searching! If these loans were not offered to them and no offer of a payday was ever available, these individuals without work may find themselves trapped in a situation they could never get out of.

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There is no other method of acquiring a 1hour direct loan lender that is easier, and there never has been. Our site allows to take out our payday loans with no credit check right in the comfort, privacy, and convenience of your home or office. Applying for a loan from us is completely safe and worry-free. Our site is securely encrypted, so your privacy is assured. Don’t wait. When you need money quick, take advantage of our easy loan services, and never let a credit check stop you from having the funds you need.

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  • I have been in a serious relationship with this great lady knowing she had an outstanding student loan. No big deal about the loan until I found it is almost $200K. It goes back 10 plus years and has had a ton of interest tacked on as she constantly puts some deferred hardship case on it. I would hate to go down the road with her and then wham! Financially everything goes up side down. She only makes $32K year so there is nothing left to pay on the loan. Any hard core advice?

  • I am looking for any programs/loans that cater to single people who would like to purchase a house. If anyone knows of one that is specific to single parents, that’d be great too! Thank you.
    Is it harder for a single person to get a home?

  • I have student loan subsidized and unsubsidized total of about 20000 with 4.25% interest rate and citiassist (private loan) of 6000 with the same interest rate all from citibank. Can i consolidate my loan with lower and fixed interest rate? Citi doesnt consolidate any more.

  • I have been searching all over the internet, applying everywhere for a loan through lender search sites for a payday loan, and they keep failing me to the point where I get re-directed to another search site. What can I do, or what are some legit sites that I can go to, to apply directly to the company and either get approved or declined? I need money today.

  • I am applying for a USDA Rural Development loan but I am through a temp agency for another month or 2. Will that be ok or will I have to be permanent to get the loan?

  • I have 2750 dollars in loans from the gov. through unsubsidized stafford loans. I am paying my way through and I may need to take a semester off OR be a part time student for a semester to rake in the dough to pay off some debt. Will I have to start payments on my loan if I take the semester off? How about if I am Part-time?

  • I currently have a student loan with citibank. I am hearing about the loan forgiveness programs for teachers (I teach special education). The things that I have read say it has to be a direct loan, and I am having trouble figuring out if I might qualify.

  • My credit score is pretty bad at the moment. I think it is around 500. (yeah I know)

    I was thinking about taking out a student loan to cover the rest of my tuition this next semester because apparently since one of my parents took on a second job I don’t qualify for financial aid anymore and I won’t be able to afford college.

    Is there a private student loan lender who gives out loans that aren’t that hard to get? I plan on applying with a co signer who has decent credit but I’m worried that my REALLY bad credit will ruin it.

    Are there any lenders that don’t pay that much mind to the student’s credit score?


  • Hi, I am a undergraduate student at a community college. I am currently having full benefit from Pell Grant and Cal Grant. However, I am in need of a car now and I am unemployed so I would like to borrow some money from the government. I would like to know what kind of loan I can take, what is Direct Loan and Perkin Loan. What would be the interest? And Is that true about I will only start to pay off my loan when I already graduated and got a job? Thanks.

  • I’m leaving for basic training in December and I’m finishing my last term of college in June. I need to start paying back loans in January. Since I will be gone in January, February, and March can I just set up an automatic payment plan with my lender?

  • I know that there are repayment options for this kind of loan and repayment periods, but can’t I start paying them back anytime I want? I have a $1,000 unsubsidized loan with interest that accrues while I’m in school. I want to start paying this one back as soon as possible. Please help.

  • What is the difference between a Federal Direct PLUS Loan, and a PLUS Loan offered by an alternate lender (a bank for example, like Chase)

  • I just transferred undergraduate schools and still have some student loans from my previous school (Sallie Mae and Federal Direct loans). Is there some sort of clearing house that my new enrollment status will be sent to so that the loan agencies know that I haven’t just stopped going to school (and thus cause my loan payments to become due)? Or must I obtain enrollment verification from my current school and send it to each loan agency myself?

  • I just transferred undergraduate schools and still have some student loans from my previous school (Sallie Mae and Federal Direct loans). Is there some sort of clearing house that my new enrollment status will be sent to so that the loan agencies know that I haven’t just stopped going to school (and thus cause my loan payments to become due)? Or must I obtain enrollment verification from my current school and send it to each loan agency myself?

  • I have a Ford Federal Direct Loan. The 1098-E stated $1,162 collected. I calculated that I actually paid $692.30 in interest(I needed a forbearance for part of the year.) Any help would be appreciated? It is all rather vague at the IRS website….hmmm imagine that!

  • I already applied on the fafsa website and my application has gone through and processed and said I am eligible. However I do not know the specific link to fill out the application for the direct loan.

    Btw i had a direct loan a few years back i have just forgotten how to apply, i believe a councilor helped me before.

  • We been dischaged in last year May. We moved to different state and rent is almost expensive as house payment. with our family they are give us 20% down payment on the house if we can get a loan approval by direct lenders. Even our bankruptcy my score is 660 to 700. Where can I contect direct lenders?

  • I’m trying to combine my federal direct and PLUS loans? How hard will it be?

  • My mother makes too much for me to get reall help from financial aid and i am not 24. So I need money direct loans where I don’t need to have a co-signer. what do i do in terms of getting the loans? Also, I would like to know If I can file taxes on my own but still fill out my parents information on the financial aid application?

  • I submitted a Master Promissory Note for my Federal Stafford Direct loans on September 2nd. It’s now September 9th and my school student login website says I still have a hold where aid disbursement won’t be made until they have received the Master Promissory Note. The deadline is September 15th.

    Is it possible I can fax the MPN directly to the school’s financial aid office? Or does the MPN process involve a lender that has to verify everything before sending it out to school? Help please!

  • I just got out of school and I already received a bill from Direct Loans. I thought they gave a 6 to 9 month grace period automatically before sending a bill or charging somebody? Do I have to apply for the grace period?

  • I recieved a federal direct subsidzed stafford loan for my financial aid package. Is the lender the gov’t? Or do I have to pick a bank to borrow from?

  • Are there any professionals who know if I can switch student loan lenders after I have had my loans consolidated? I’m tired of getting jacked by my current one and want to take my business elsewhere.

  • I just joined the NAVY& I want to defer my student loans until I’m at least finished with “a” school. I have federal as well as state loans. Do I need to contact my school or fafsa?

  • My family may be forced to move to VA out of necessity, just as we were in the middle of the homebuying process. We know VA has a stronger USDA home loan program than our current state does, and is good for families with lower incomes, so we’re interested in giving it a try. But we are a little unsure how the whole thing works. In particular, we would like to know if you have to already be a VA resident to apply, and if so how long do you need to live there for?

  • The interest rate on an unsubsidized Stafford student loan is 6.8%. How often does interest acculumate on such a loan? For example, if my loan is $5000, how do I calculate when and how much interest is capitalized onto the loan. Thank you for your help.

  • A couple of year s ago. I took out an auto loan and the lender in the country I am living in indexed the loadn against a basket of currencies. Everything seemed to be going fine until recently when the currency of the country I am living in started to depreciate against other currencies. I notice that my new principal took a hit in the upward direct by approximately the same percentage as the decline in the local currency so I now owe more than I did a year ago. If my currency here recovers to previous levels will the principal also go down?

  • I am entering my Sophomore year at a private, four year institution this year and still need to pay $7,649 before the beginning of the school year. This amount was determined after subtracting the total awards that the school awarded me from the total tuition for the school year.

    Today I applied for a $3,500 Federal Stafford Loan through Nellie Mae.

    Every road I take is a dead end in terms of finding a company with low interest rates. I am the first member of my family to attend a post-secondary institution, let alone full-time, and really have no idea what I’m doing.

    Last year, my parents applied for a Federal Direct Loan for $6,000 and we’re currently paying on that amount.

    I’m really worried that my total loan amount is going to be enormous when I graduate and that I will have no way of paying it off without living at home. Any suggestions about a good company or other financial advice is greatly appreciated, so much that I will reward someone with ten points.

    I was told that we’re paying on the loan right now because it is in my parent’s name.

    Thanks for your input, Joe.

  • I owe over $16,000 and wondered if Direct Loans ever settles. I think my initial loan was around $12,000 and have been on income contingent so no payments, but still being charged interest and they capitalize it once a year, so almost $5000 is interest alone. If so, any idea what they might settle for? Thanks for any help!

  • Why would someone prefer to work with a direct lender broker instead of a regular mortgage broker??? What is the difference between them???

  • We are in contract on a house. We’ve been working with a local mortgage broker recommended by my RE agent. She’s been very helpful to us in recommending types of loans, organizing our paperwork, and getting us pre-approved. She also took care of getting us a HELOC that we needed (without getting paid for that service, I think).

    I’ve been doing some rate shopping today. It looks like we could get a better deal through a direct lender than with our mortgage broker.

    The broker quoted us a 7/1 jumbo ARM at 6.125% and a 30-yr fixed jumbo at 7.125%, both with 1 point. I’ve spoken with Countrywide and Quicken Loans, and they are quoting me roughly 6% on the 7/1 and 7% on the 30-yr fixed, both with 0 points.

    So, two questions:
    1) I’m feeling guilty about going with one of the other lenders after this mortgage broker has been so helpful to us. What do you think?
    2) Why the difference in rates between the lenders and the broker? Is there a catch?

    Update, Thursday 3/6.
    Thanks, everyone, for the responses.
    I’ve done a little more digging, and — surprise! well, not really — the rate my mortgage broker was quoting was actually pretty good. Turns out, she was qualifying us for essentially a “stated income” loan, because we won’t sell our current house till after we’ve closed on the new one. So, all those lower rates I heard from other lenders wouldn’t actually be available to us.
    Lessons learned? 1) My mortgage broker really should have been more clear in explaining the circumstances of our loan; 2) I should have called her as soon as I saw lower rates and asked why hers were higher; 3) lots of loans sound good at first, until you really start digging into the details.

  • I was supposed to have defered all my payments till after gradutation. But when i was trying to apply for a new loan with my mom being a cosigner, we were getting denied for every student loan. So when i finally called them and asked them what the deal was. They told me that a plus loan under my mom’s name has been put in as default – over 90 days past due. So we ordered a credit report and it shows up on there too. I am still in school and i should;ve had that plus loan defered until after graduation. What are some things that i can do to take that off my mom’s record?? My mom wont get another student loan or any kind of loan if a lender sees that a loan has been under defualt for more than 30 days..

  • i am attending a community college and need to barrow $5000. i have applied everywhere but have been denied every time. The reason is my parents have very bad credit and i have none. Also financial aid gave me almost nothing. Are there any trusted, good lenders for students with no credit?

  • I was just told by a direct mortgage lender that it would have absolutely no affect on my credit score/report if he was to run a credit check on me, is that true? He says it is because he is a direct mortgage lender not a broker. Anyone know about this?

  • I consolidated my school loans during my 4th year of college. I still had one year of school left after that. So now I have two loan payments that equal $200 a month. I just started paying them three months ago…is there any way I can get the payments lower than that?

  • that are good and easy to lend from many thanks in advancex

  • I have taken out some Direct Loans in the past for my education. I graduated in December of 2007 and did not enroll in Spring 2008 but have enrolled in Fall of 2008 with hope of getting into a graduate program. I have enough hours to designate me as half-time status. My repayment options on my loan are about to kick in but since I am enrolled half time or more they should be deferred again I believe. Do I need to contact Direct Loans and let them know or will they check the National Student Clearinghouse or some other source for this information? I was under the assumption they would just check it but do I need to contact them?

  • I want to get a house before I get out so I don’t have to rent an apartment, but I can’t get approved for a regular home loan because the banks can tell I’m getting out, and I can’t get a job until I get to my new location. I don’t want to get stuck in a 6-month rental contract over this crap.

  • I have to face the facts here that as an art student, my classes are expensive and I have so far spent nearly $150 this semester between materials for a sculpture class and poster board and printouts for graphics. That wouldn’t be a problem for me except, I chose not to take out the Direct Loan for this semester figuring that it would be something that I would not need for as long as I receive pay from work study and financial help from my parents to keep going to school, but so far everything that deposits into my bank account either goes toward rent, food, and if I should put it in these terms, passing a class, in other words “already spent”. In fact, my decision about a loan is the reason I have to take Sculpture and not Photography (where I would have had to buy a fully manual camera and black and white film totaling over $500). I feel like I’m at a tipping point here and I don’t know what to do, getting a second job along with work study is not an option (there’s no time).
    In case you are wondering, I’m right now nearly $11000 in debt with loans, I don’t really want to increase this number but I may have no choice.

  • My husband & I got pre-qualified for a home loan through a broker but when the time came to submit and process our loan we got denied. There were a couple different reasons given but mainly affordability was their biggest issue even though we had a substantial down payment and decent credit. Our realtor advised that we use the direct lender that she works with since according to her they can get around certain issues that a broker can’t. We gave all of our personal info to the direct lender and they were able to get a DU approval but final approval from the underwriter will take a couple of days.

    I’m really skeptical at this point since we were turned down elsewhere but the direct lender said they were willing and able to take the loan pending the underwriters approval. Has anyone else had the experience of being denied by a broker but approved by a direct lender? I know every case is different and each transaction has it’s own set of “issues” but we found the PERFECT house and now that we’re in escrow we’re scrambling to secure financing after we thought we wouldn’t have a problem. We’re going to be devastated if this deal doesn’t work out. Any thought, ideas, personal experience with this same scenario would be helpful. Thanks!

  • Would you choose Bank of America thet offered me rate 5.00 or direct lender [Van Dyk Mortgage] that offered 4.75 for FHA. Is that quarter of percentage a big difference on a loan of 140000. I’m both pre-approved just can’t decide. Is it better to stick with a big bank? Thank you!

  • are there any out there. i am in a bind and don’t want to be scammed. thanks

  • can someone explain to me what this is?

  • Hi, I’m a freshman undergrad student attending UCSD for the first time this fall. My bill is currently $2980 so I applied for 2 stafford loans to help me pay. I understand that they disburse the loan into equal parts among the quarters so I’m guessing that I’ll have to make up for the extra money needed for every quarter.

    But my lender said that they were going to “disburse” the loan on the 15th (today) but I checked my billing account and it says that I still owe $2980. So, by disburse do they just send the money to my bank account (I’m enrolled in direct deposit) and I have to go and make the payment to UCSD? Or do they send the money directly to the school and the payment will show up in a few days?

  • I have more than 20% down and am only interested in 30-year fix.

    My realtor referred both a direct lender and a local BOA loan officer for me. She first suggested the direct lender because she thought I was thinking of using a FHA. Why would she say it’s better to work with the direct lender if I was considering FHA??? Anyway my bank is BOA so I told her I wanted to get a quote from BOA too. I first contacted the direct lender to get pre-qualified and she was nice and the % was pretty good I thought.

    But I’m still curious to contact BOA too to get pre-qualified and see what the differences are.

    Call me crazy but quite frankly I would love to get a loan from BOA if the rate is good because that’s my bank and paying for a mortgage would be easy for me I think. I read somewhere.

    I could settle with the direct lender but should I contact the BOA officer too before I decide?
    What factors should I compare?

    Any input would greatly be appreciated!


  • I just filled out electronically an MPN for Freshman year at Rutgers. I am a student, and my parents are supporting me. I filled out the MPN for student loans instead of the MPN for Parent PLUS Loan. I did not know which to click. Did I fill out the right one? I am a dependent student. And If I did the wrong one how do I correct it?!?!
    I am asking people that already filled out the forms before for Direct Loans. I am just asking what the difference between Student Loans and a Parent PLUS loan.

  • Wat student loans are better to work with

  • Pls include as much detail as you can. Am afraid they are a “fly by night” company who screws you over! Also, do they keep/sell their mortgages? Anyone w/experience w/that? Thanks!!!

  • I am thinking of opening my own brokerage, I’m a processor, does any one know where I could get a list of direct lendors to work with?? I’m in VA if that makes a difference…please let me know thank you!

  • I have Stafford college loans in a few places, and I remember seeing a website that listed who owned those loans, the amount and interest rates. Can anyone remember or tell me what that site is?

  • When you’re applying for a loan or credit card, is there as specific order in which you’re details are examined, eg do they have to confirm your employment before doing a credit check, or can they do the credit check before confirming employment details.

    If a credit check comes back bad before they check your employment does the approval request stop immediately?

  • I will be attending a 2-year college in the fall, and I will need additional funding to cover room and board. I qualify for financial aid, but that only covers tuition. My school offers something called a direct loan, but is that extra money on top of financial aid? Or is the direct loan the actual financial aid money that only covers tuition? *Note: I am not talking about the direct PLUS parent loan.

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