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  • Due to an adjustable rate mortgage that increased $250 in one month at the same time my HOA did a special project assessment for an additional $115 per month, I had to stop making payments on my condo. In early October, I moved out and listed it for short sale (I was not eligible to re-fi). Two buyers have fallen through and after 6 months I have notified my lenders that the property has been taken off the market. I’m being told it will be another 120 days before the foreclosure process is complete.

    I checked my credit score last week and it has dropped about 100 points to 682 due to my missed payments since August. How much further will it drop? Anyone else in my position with any advice for rebuilding credit?

  • I am a teacher and my husband is a commercial underwriter. We recently moved to a new city (1 year ago)and doubled our income. We currently rent from my sister in law in a ROUGH gang infested area, no place to raise our 3 little ones. We are trying to rebuld our credit however the process is a snail. My husbands credit is 559 and rising. How can we find a trustworthy mortgage broker? Is it better to work with someone local or do the internet thing?

  • These things do not happen overnight and government must have been aware of the problem at least 6 to 12 months before, so I find it difficult to believe that it was a sudden thing. It’s easy to blame the Yanks but our shower were in the game as well. is anyone looking into the real reasons behind the reasons so that the mess can be properly sorted
    Judy and so did the banks who have always claimed that they were handling nottheir own money but other ppeoles which is why prudence was expected of them. Most people buy their homes onthe basis of how much money can I borrow. It is for the banks to decide if they are a good risk for the repayment. The people borrowing are always optimists which is why the banks need to be prudent

  • I purchased a 2005 Toyota Corolla for $12,375.38 last jan in 08. I was able to finance the car in my name with no co signer. I’ve made every payment on time to this day. Before I even got the car, I had absolutely no credit whatsoever. So I decide to take the car so I could start building credit. Here’s the bad part. I took the car for 72 months with an 18% apr. I know thats bad, but I got turned down by several other dealers and couldn’t find a better deal on a used car. The car is in great shape for an 05 with less than 50k miles on it. But Im considering trading in the car for something else I like with a lower intrest rate too. I heard that the bank pays off what the car’s worth then the rest would be added in a new loan. So I checked my car’s value on the blue book and its worth roughly 7-8 grand. I’m looking into getting a new corolla or a new scion. I heard that new corolla’s are around 17 grand and with a 2% apr. Should I trade in the car for another one. Please explain why or why not in detail. Thanks.
    Thanks for everyones answers! As far as how much i owe, its still around 11g’s. The intrest rate is killing me! Another thing i fogot to mention is the dealer did say i could get a new corolla with a 2% apr but my payments would go up a hundred dollers. Also im currently paying 298.91 a month on the 05 corolla.

  • Heres my situation. My house is worth $160,00 according to the taxes and owe $155,000 on it. We have a 80/20 loan ($120,000/$30,000) I am 4 payments behind ($8,000). The house is only in my name. Me and my husband have 2 cars both in our names. One we owe $25,000 and the other we owe $12,000. The only other debt we owe is like $3,000 on a personal loan. I cant refi because our credit scores are too low (550). Ive been trying to sell for 6 months with no luck. What should I do? I make $40,000 and he owns a flooring company so he took a loss last year and this year might do the same. Should i foreclose on the house? If I do Im worried the smaller loan will come after me in court to get their money ($30,000). If I file bankruptcy can I only do it on the house so I can keep my cars and dont hurt my husbands credit as bad so we can buy another house in his name one day. Thanks for any and all advise!!!1
    I cant make my payment because I got a horrible interest rate. My payment is close to $1900 a month on a $155,000 loan.
    My cars are not worth what i owe on them. If I sold them both I would be around $20,000 in the hole.

  • I have bad credit from when I was younger and I wanted to know what the best strategy was to attack it and begin to fix it head-on. I can pay them down now, but they are from years (more than 3 in some cases) and I really want to fix them the best way possible.

  • Many things happen that require fast cash. Often times when applying for a loan, the purpose of the loan is to receive money for the right-now. Otherwise, many borrowers would wait until they received their paychecks or until the money is available. Title loans allow the borrower to receive same day funding. Many lenders guarantee cash in 24 hours or less!

    Title loans also allow potential borrowers to receive personal loans despite bad credit. The imperfections on credit reports are not variables to determine loan approvals. The car title takes the place of credit requirements and acts as collateral for the loan.

  • I got 2 properties in va/md. i want to see if i can short sale for both. i’m to pass my grace period to negotiate w/ banks. both has 2 loans (bigger loan/ home line of credit loan).

    do banks ‘hold’ the mortgage for like 3 months for me if negotiated? do they ask for monthly pay afterwards?

    what if i can’t get those houses sold after 3 month hold?

    what if i only sold one, will the bank look into taking away the other home, and my savings acct?

    after short sale, how will it affect my tax return?
    how bad will my credit be turned?

  • For Nov and Dec 2006 only half payments were made each time. I don’t remember making half payments twice and can only find the bank transaction for two half payments to the lender.

    Both paid in the months due but reported to the credit bureaus as late payments by 30 days at least 2 times. This reporting has brought my credit score down I’m sure. Can I dispute it?

    I have proof of the half payments. If I submit it to the bureaus will they retract it so that it does not read that way on my credit report? I was told that if you pay something they can’t report it as late or unpaid for that month. I didn’t make half payments deliberately as I would not have done that twice.

    Also, Does correcting multiple mistakes like address and name mistakes raise your credit score? I pulled all three reports and they all have multiple variations of my name, past addresses, and places of employment. Does that bring my score down due to suspicion? Do disputes look bad?
    Well I agree that it was not the full payment that I agreed to pay. However, it was a payment. Should I just add comments to my credit report that I made payments for those months so that it won’t seem like I just abandoned two months. Or should I just leave well enough alone.

    I think it’s junky for all of those misnformations to be on the credit report. Any teacher would give a junky paper a low grade and a well put together paper a higher grade. I had one creditor pull my report for me and it was pulled by inputting the wrong name. All throughout the report it read that incorrect name so I expect that will be another addition to the report. This is so frustrating. I was doing so well and now I have those marks. ?
    Bostonian, thanks for your response but relax your getting irritated helps nothing, It’s my lender’s loan and my credit. Nothing affects you. I don’t have any other blemishes so it’s a lesson learned. I didn’t say I should get a free ride. Obviously if I have a house and a loan I haven’t been mooching off of anyone as you say. No point in you gettting your blood pressure up. Hope you calm down later. 🙂

  • How soon can I obtain a good credit? Or would you suggest I open another account – just to have two accounts for now. I would appreciate your kind response.



  • I have a file in underwritng now. After the first 72 hours it came back stating I had to many NSF’s in the last year. They used my last 12 months bank statements for my income. The loan officer asked if I could get a letter from the bank stating the reason for the NSF’s it would help the process. I went to the bank manager who gave me a letter stating that the NSF’s was due to deposits and debits hittng at the same time and other than those few NSF’s I was a great customer with them since 2000. Its now back to the UW and i have been waiting another 2 days now. Anybody know if this letter will help approve this loan since it was the only condition or are they stringing me along to say NO later. And does this have to go through the whole UW time period.

  • Here are my circumstances:

    Transunion: 567, Esperian: 537, Equifax: 582

    Annual income before taxes: 39,000, I have worked for a year

    I own a home: $479 a month taxes included
    I have had 8- 30 day late payments in 2 years

    I have no other debt monthly, making my debt to income ratio 85/15 (I’m pretty sure)

    I paid off my car, no late payments last two years.

    I paid off my Providian credit card no late payments past 2 years

    I have college loans in deferment until 2008, I’m currently working on my MBA

    Now the bad news:

    I have had 3 derogatory accounts, that I have just currently paid off, 2 were credit cards, one was a medical bill that never made it to collections I don’t think, so they haven’t been factored into my credit score yet as being settled.

    I dont have any credit cards and all I pay a month is $479 on my house that I have owned for about 3-4 years.

  • I took out a payday loan and I do need to repay it. However, I don’t think this company is using legal debt collection practices. I have asked them for the documents regarding the loan, license number, company name, physical address, etc….I get nothing in response but rude and snotty emails. I have now asked them to stop emailing me at work. What should I do next? I am not arguing paying the loan, but I want to see the documents so I know what the fees were.

  • I have fallen into this payday loan hole, and I can seem to get myself out. What would be the best solution to pay them off fast, if I don’t have the money. Should I try and get a personal loan?

  • I need a quick and easy payday loan that does not check credit or does not care about bad credit.

  • Gotten into a real bind with too many payday loans…I need help fast! I have heard that there are companies who provide payday loan help by consolidating loans. Is this true? Are these companies trustworthy?

    I don’t want to lose any more money and I don’t know where else to turn. Help!

  • I pulled a payday loan out to pay my rent, expecting it to still go down and it still hasent which means i can either pay the loan or rent. If I called them would they work out a payment plan if I could put some down on my loan.

  • I don’t have any credit and I’ve tried applying for private student loans trough Citi and Chase and have been denied even thought I have a co-signer with fairly good credit who makes over $100,000 a year and has 3 other sources of income and only uses about $5,000 of that a month.

    If you ask me that’s pretty good income ratio so why am I still being denied?

    Are there any other places I could apply to that send you the check in the mail (not to the school), and allow people with bad credit?
    My tuition is $32,000 and the school wants me to pay $11,000 out of pocket by the time school starts. So I need the money now!

    Please only people with private loan company recommendations submit an answer.

  • for this sentenance: “This page intentionally left blank”

    Does that make any sense to any body? Why would they waste the paper to do that?

  • I have a payday loan for 300 dollars my balance is 390. I just paid the 90 dollar minimum and the balance is still at 390. Do I have to pay the loan off in full to get rid of it?

  • A letter was delivered to me from an attorney regarding a civil action lawsuit.

    Here’s my case:
    I have a defaulted student loan that just dropped off my credit report June 2007. I received a call from the law office that’s handling the file, regarding a payment plan. I set one up with them but did not follow through with it.
    I received an “Order To Show Cause And to Compel” letter. The date passed on that one. Then I received another one which is scheduled for next month. And I’m also required to pay attorney fees, etc. The letter says if I don’t appear I may be arrested for contempt of court. I’ve never heard of this type of action being required because of a defaulted student loan.

    I can’t afford to make any payments now and don’t want to get in trouble. Can someone who really knows about this type of thing advise me on what to do?

    Please Help!!!!!!

  • I have an outstanding payday loan and they want to take me to
    court. I wrote a check for the loan and it bounced and I have paid on the loan since but haven’t been able to pay it off. I really don’t want to go to court but they aren’t willing to work with me. Can anyone tell me what happens at that point?

  • Can you get a payday loan without a checking account. I have a direct deposit debit card from social security.
    Can a payday loan be deposited onto your debit card?

  • In some areas of the country they are trying to ban payday loan stores, citing predatory practices and unfair interest rates. These places have clearly listed their rates, as high as they are, on paper and listed in signed contracts. Opponents of the proposed law banning payday loans say that the extra fees are better than not getting money for a needed car repair, a bill that must be paid (electric, gas) or bouncing a check because the money was not in the account. What’s your take on these places. Explain your position.

  • Thinking of applying for a payday loan, on the application they ask for a work number.
    What will they ask my job (boss)? Will they they tell my boss that I applied for a loan?

  • I cant pay these loans back and I have post dated checks with the payday loan companies. Im afraid they could prosecute me for the bad post dated checks. What is going to be the best way to handle this situation?

  • I want to get a payday loan but i don’t want to end up paying 2 times the amount back….I do plan on paying the loan back in full on my next paycheck in 2 weeks.

  • I need a one time payday loan and I don’t have direct deposit w/ my bank. where can i get a payday loan without having to have direct deposit?

  • How do payday loan companies verify your identity as they don’t do credit checks? they ask for your national identity number but what info can they get from that?

  • I would pay my payday loan using my checking acct but not having enough funds, my bank closed my acct. Trying to get back on track but funds are not available at this time. Now, a investigator is calling me everyday at my workplace, saying a possible warrant for my arrest will be issue soon if not paid in full.

  • I want to use a payday loan service called Advance America but they need me to write a postdated check. I have no checks and I don’t have the time to wait on them to come in. I’m sure not everybody has checks so what do they do at that point, just take your account & routing number?

  • My wife got involved with some payday loan company. They are taking $79 every 2wks for a $200 loan. Now $200 is the original principal, $200 is the current principal, $158 is the current interest.What is that. And if possible can she get them out of her account. Not trying to get over just trying to get by. Please And Thankyou…..

  • I live in Texas and have recently been informed my property tax will jump to approximately $20,000 due to 5 years of omitted property! The appraisal district has only been assessing the $17,000 land value of my property without including the $116,000 home sitting on it!

    Well’s Fargo manages my escrow account, which will be monumentally deficient in funds. Their terms state that I must pay the difference within 12 months, which would send me into bankruptcy and foreclosure. I have had a perfect payment record ever since I bought this home 7 years ago and my credit is very good, though my credit cards are maxed out. I have a VA loan guarantee of $35,000 and am concerned they might just cut their losses and get their money back through foreclosure. Do you think they would be compelled at all to work something out with me? I’m hoping they will work the taxes into my mortgage, but I’d love to maintain my current 4.75% interest rate if possible. Am I asking too much? They won’t be receiving the tax bill until October, so I’m nervous about when I should start discussing my options with them.

  • My husband took out a payday loan for $619. He paid back $500 last month and now they brought the balance back up to $619. Is that legal? I know that they can charge 15% finance charge and other fees but $500 in a month?

  • I took out a payday loan and I do need to repay it. However, I don’t think this company is using legal debt collection practices. I have asked them for the documents regarding the loan, license number, company name, physical address, etc….I get nothing in response but rude and snotty emails. I have now asked them to stop emailing me at work. What should I do next? I am not arguing paying the loan, but I want to see the documents so I know what the fees were.

  • I live in illinois ,right outside of chicago and I want to buy a house. I dont have the best credit but i also dont have the worst. I just want to buy a house near where i live now for my children. It doesnt make sense to rent for the rest of my life you know….

  • I have a payday loan that charges 240 dollars every two weeks out of my paycheck. I just lost my job and cant pay it what should I do?

  • I live in Illiois. I couldn’t repay my payday loan so the company took my car instead. Can I deduct this loss on my 2006 income taxes?

  • I’ve never had a credit card, Im guessing I dont have bad credit, but I dont think I even have credit….was searching around for a credit card and found this one……its a Discover More credit card…if anyone has time to read through all this and give me some advice, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    Annual Percentage Rate (APR) For Purchases
    0.0% for 6 months from the date of account opening;* then the standard APR, a rate between 11.99% variable and 19.99% variable
    Other APRs
    Balance Transfers: 0.0% for 6 months from the date of account opening for balance transfers made with your application*, then the standard APR for purchases.
    Cash Advances: 23.99% variable
    Default Rate: Between up to 16.99% variable and up to 24.99% variable for purchases; up to 28.99% variable for cash advances*
    Variable Rate Information
    The standard purchase APR may vary monthly and equals the Prime Rate plus an amount between 8.74% and 16.74%. The cash advance APR may vary monthly and equals the Prime Rate +20.74%.†
    The default APR for purchases may vary monthly and equals the Prime Rate + an amount between up to 13.74% and up to 21.74%; the default APR for cash advances may vary monthly and equals the Prime Rate + up to 25.74%.†

    Grace Period for Repayment of the Balance of Purchases
    Your due date is at least 25 days after the close of each billing period. We will not charge you periodic finance charges on new purchases, or any portion of a new purchase, paid by the due date on your current billing statement if you paid your entire balance on your previous billing statement in full by the due date on that statement.

    Method of Computing the Balance for Purchases
    Average Daily Balance (including new purchases)

    Foreign Currency Transaction Fee
    2% of the U.S. dollar amount of each purchase made in a foreign currency

    Annual Fee

    Minimum Finance Charge

    Other Fees
    BALANCE TRANSFER TRANSACTION FEES: 3.0% for each balance transfer made with this application, thereafter, other offers may have a fee of up to 5%, with a $10 minimum and no maximum.
    CASH ADVANCE TRANSACTION FEE: 5% for each cash advance, with a minimum of $10 and no maximum.
    LATE FEE: $19 on balances up to $250 and $39 on balances over $250.

    * Each time you fail to make a payment when due, we may, in accordance with applicable law, (i) terminate the availability of any introductory/promotional APRs on new transactions, and (ii) increase your APRs for new transactions to variable Default Rates which will be determined by adding up to an additional 5 percentage points to the otherwise applicable APR. Your Default Rate is determined based on your creditworthiness and other factors such as your current APRs, and your account history. See Cardmember Agreement for details.

    † The Prime Rate used is the highest prime rate listed in The Wall Street Journal on the last business day of the month. For the standard purchase rate and the default rate for purchases, actual amount added will be based on our evaluation of your credit and will be disclosed with your Card.

    INTRODUCTORY/PROMOTIONAL APR OFFERS: Only balance transfers requested with your application are eligible for this offer. Balance transfers that are not requested with your application will only be honored at our discretion and may be subject to different introductory/promotional rate offers. Please allow up to 4 weeks before payments to your other accounts are made. Accordingly, you should continue to make all required payments until you confirm that the balance transfers were made. Balance transfers may not be used to pay any Discover accounts. Balance transfers do not earn rewards. If you request multiple balance transfers, we will process them in the order they are requested on the application. You understand that if your application is approved, your credit limit may be less than the amount of balance transfers you request. In addition, balance transfers may be limited to a portion of your credit limit. If a balance transfer will exceed the credit available for a balance transfer, you authorize us to process any balance transfer for less than the amount requested, up to the amount of your credit line available for balance transfers. Making additional transactions may cause you to exceed your credit limit. You may only make balance transfers to accounts that list you as an accountholder. There is no grace period on balance transfers. We will increase your minimum payment due by $40 if you have a balance transfer balance.

    PAYMENT ALLOCATION: To the extent your payments exceed the minimum payment due each billing period, we will generally apply these excess amounts to balances with high APRs prior to balances with low APRs. Otherwise, we will apply payments and credits at our discretion, including in a manner most favorable or convenient for us.

    APPLICATION INFORMATION: Federal law requires that we obtain certain in

  • i am looking for a payday loan company that will approve me for a loan. got bad credit and keep getting refused by other payday loan companies.
    need it asap . any suggestions please?

  • We need to open an account in order to get a payday loan because we know that is how it works. But how long do you have to have an account open for in order to receive that loan?
    In order for the account to constitute as “active” it has to be open for thirty days! Thanks anyway!

  • How does a payday loan work and how could I get one if I have crappy credit?
    Do I have to pay the whole amount of the loan back in one payday?

  • My Roommate is in need of some money so she can keep up with ends meet until she gets her next disbursement of financial aid. Is there any payday loan companies that are actually credible? or is there a different and more reliable route?

  • I have several payday loans and can no longer afford to pay them. I have read that this is a civil matter, is that true? I have closed my account out due to suspicious activity.

  • I want to start payday loan business. Want some helpful tips that where do I start and how do I get it?

  • Which is the best payday loan where I don’t have to pay it all back at once.

  • I contacted one online payday loan store and now I get about 50 emails from other ones. How do I stop this?

  • If you took out a payday loan, Is it a civil case or a criminal case in the state of Texas? Can you do jail time?

  • I am being taken to court for a payday loan in 2004 but I am in the process of paying of my bankruptcy. What do I tell the judge at court. And can they charge me over $4000.00 interest. are they are laws again them doing do.

  • I’m filing a small claims lawsuit against a payday loan company that attempted to deduct money from my checking account, subsequently causing overdraft fees. I have never done business with this company. I’m suing for the maximum allowed and I am representing myself. In the section of the form that asks the plaintiff to state briefly the basis for the demand, how should I word it? Meaning, how should I explain what happened succinctly and in a short paragraph? Please serious responses only.

  • What’s the best resource for information on starting a payday loan business?

  • I need help with my payday loans. I have gotten in over my head in debt to payday lenders and they are calling me at all hours, at work and even bothering my family members and references.

    I make regular payments, I just did not expect this type of harassment when I signed up.

    Can anyone recommend what to do to make them stop?

  • I originally took out a couple payday loans and a couple car registration loans (2nd liens) because we were getting evicted and we needed to find somewhere to live quickly. I had hoped to pay these back but lost my job and now owe thousands of dollars. If i file for bankruptcy in arizona, can i include these loans? will i lose my car if i do so? p.s. I still have the original lien on my car as well.

  • Has anyone ever gotten a payday loan? I am in an emergency and can definitely pay this back by next pay day, however, I don’t know which payday loan company to trust. Any suggestions?

  • can payday loan lenders continue to charge you interest on the loan once you have defaulted on the loan and it has gone into collections.

  • Does anyone know of a payday loan source that does not do credit or teletrax checks. That works with savings account.
    I need 400.00 until 7/25/08

  • I know, I know that was the stupidest mistake to make, but I needed the money at the time, basically what happen was I took a couple out was paying good then I lost my job and wasn’t able to pay them, then my bank account was overdrawn, down hill from there. Now I check my credit report and they are on there, I thought they was illegal in some states (I did my payday loans online), and wasn’t able to report to the credit bureau’s. What should/can I do, it does show they went through a collection agency to get it put on, can I just dispute it saying it’s a payday loan? Please, let me know.

  • If I had $100,000, could I write up contracts and open my own payday loan store?

    Who is in charge of these stores?

    I’m questioning this because they are taking in millions of dollars every year and are taking advantage of the poor and uneducated people.

  • i’m a little short on cash and i have a 300.00 payment coming up on the 19th and i always see these payday loan online advertisment and i was aondering if they were real or if they were a scam? does anyone know?

  • I applied for a payday loan cash advance. At first skeptical, however, I filled out the application with very personal info protected by McAfee security. Once approved, lenders send e~mails and call you. Then they want the personal info again which I became unsure of applying for a loan online. Can anyone offer me some advice with this procedure?

  • I’ve got my self in to a little mess with payday loans. I currently pay £190 a month just in in interest. I also owe my friend £200 a month for the next 3 months. Until then i will be unable to start paying these loans off. After paying these and all my bills i am only left with £200 a month. I am looking for a loan to pay everything off paying roughly a £100 a month, which would leave me £500+ for the month after bills.

    I have applied for a loan via my bank online but it was refused. I am wondering if i got a meeting with the bank manager and explained my situation would he reconsider giving me a loan?

    If not i was thinking of taking a bad credit loan, seems a good decision seeing as i will probly pay over £1000 in interest with these pay day loans anyway. I seen someone mention Shakespeare Finance on another page, are these a decent firm to get one from?

    Any other help and suggestions will be great.
    Thanks for your comment Martin, but surely getting a loan to pay off the payday loans leaves me financially better and with less stress.

  • the credit cards have been open for about two years and i have nothing else bad on my credit score. i have a decent job and stable income.
    I am looking to get a car loan. And my credit used to be bad because I had collections accounts. Thankfully those have been paid and deleted.

  • Hi

    I’m trying to build a picture of what people use their payday loans for. Have you ever had a payday loan and what did you use it for, if you have the time can I ask how much and whether you are working or not.

    I’m not judging nor am I in support or against payday loans, it’s purely an impartial project I’m working on.


  • Need some quick cash now, I am looking for a fast approval payday loan.

    Please let me know if you have any good recommendation.

    Thank you,


  • I need to get instant cash in my bank account. Let me know some information about payday loan.


  • It is it possible!!!!!!!!!!! to get more than one loan and
    when do I repay the loan?

  • Can you get a payday loan at age 18 in British Columbia?

  • If you never pay the loan back?

  • has anybody ever had a payday loan go into collection? if so, what happened? i am going to have 2 due to change in paydays and they won’t work with me. (i went from getting paid every 2 weeks to getting paid monthly). and yes i already know i never should have gotten theses stupid things in the first place but i was in trouble and needed them. i plan on repaying but can’t on due dates.

  • i was approved for a payday loan and i gave the routing number and account number from my walmart money card. the loan shows it was deposited into my account but it doesnt show on my card

  • Are payday loans illegal? And why?

  • I live in MS, and I need a payday loan company that is real, not these phony ones that are going to match you up with someone. My hands hurt from typing. We have had a major ordeal happen yesterday and need all the help we can get?

  • I know payday loans are a bad idea, you don’t have to tell me about that. I have a Wal-Mart money card and my paycheck is deposited directly to the card. I have a form with the direct deposit info but all of the normal payday loan companies have denied me. Help! I need a payday loan!

  • I have been using a payday loans for at least the year in aways to help my finance get ahead in some bills. But regretfully these last few months they have gotten out of control and its starting to feel like I am in a viscous circle (epically now that I don’t need to use them) but at least half my pay check is gone each week trying to rid my life of them. I have looked into some Pay day loan consolidation company’s but they all want to close my checking account pay them 350 bones. Now to may question any one know the best way to get rid of them or consolidation company that can really help? or any advice on how to end this cluster once and for all.

    thank you.

  • I need a loan im short on my rent. Does anyone know of a good payday loan. that is good!

  • Okay, I really need about $100 because I had my grocery money, but lost it, and I have a child to feed..so it seems the only choice I have is a payday loan..so are there any out there that are legit? I found one that said if I borrowed $100 I would only have to pay back $125..does that sound right? It was from http://www.mypaydayloan.com..I have heard a lot of bad things about these places..but I really need the money..so where could I go to get one?
    For the record..to everyone who asked..no I don’t gamble, I lost my wallet.

  • Would you consider a payday loan if you were short for cash? You borrow up to £750 and pay it back on the date of your next payday. There short term unsecured loans where the money is in your account within hours. Has anyone had one of these loans? Or thought about these loans?

  • Need links to payday loan providers please. No broker websites please (its unbelieveable how many brokers are out there that’s all I seem to come across). Also Would like to know which have the best rates
    As much as I appreaciate answers I did not ask for your opinions about the payday loans I asked for links to payday loans. If there are no ‘good rates’ then fine. I believe a short term cash loan if done responsible is not the end of the world to be used as a one off in a emergency situation not as something I would do on a regular basis. So again please anyone with links to payday loans please answer anyone with opinions please do not. Thanks.
    I added the word ADVICE as I needed more characters in my heading as my question wouldn’t be submitted. ADVICE however does not have the same definition as OPINION. I needed advice on payday loan providers and if you took the time to read additional details I clearly state what kind of advice I needed. Which should have clearly stated to the literate people out there that I would like to know of any providers with links to websites who are not brokers.
    Money towards funeral costs is not something WANT however unfortunately its something I NEED. I googled and came across a lot of brokers as I state above when I first submitted my question. I am responsible and not suicidal. Not every single person after a short term loan is stupid enough to go bankrupt. Those who think that are those stupid people who get them for things they do not NEED and cannot afford to pay them back at a later date and continue on a downward spiral.

  • Does it have any risks?
    While taking payday loan what are the things to remember?

  • What payday loan stores in Des Moines, IA do not use teletrack?

  • I need to cover some bills and just need a few hundred bucks. I am considering doing one of these loans and am aware of the fees. Just wondering if this would be reflected in my credit score in any way.

  • I have a trip coming up and I wanted to take out a payday loan? Is it worth it? I know of someone who has had a bad experience. Just looking to get a heads up from one of you experts!

  • My car broke down yesterday and I need a few hundred bucks to fix it. I am trying to get a payday loan to cover it but I am having trouble finding a company that doesn’t want to talk to my bank. I live in a small town and even though they could tell my bank activity it wouldn’t be brought to their attention unless someone called and wanted all my info. I just don’t want them talking to my bank. Does anyone have any good references?

  • My husband and I have got ourselves into a mess with PayDay Loans. Everytime we get one it seems like it’s only to pay for another one. And lesson’s learned, we now know that wasn’t very smart. We were just wondering if any of these loans were legal in Missouri and how to deal with them if they’re not. I do know in Missouri, the PayDay Loan Laws say “Criminal Action: Prohibited (Unless check returned due to closed account or stop-payment by maker)”. Does that apply if there is no actual check attached to the loan, like an online loan? Thanks!

    My Cash Now
    One Click Cash
    Cash USA Payday (Solomon)
    US Fast Cash

  • i get ssi every month. can i get a loan from a speedy cash place when i have no credit and i get monthly payments from ssi? is it a good idea?

  • Hello,
    I live in Ohio and I have am caught up in writing checks to payday loan companies each month to make my bills. Well I have over extended myself and can not pay them back. My bank account is closed and I am sure they will try to cash the checks. I did not do this intentually it was their constant offers of more money and my bad judgement. Anyone know what happens now?

  • Are payday loans illegal in New york state. I see their commercials all over the tv, but I dont see any companies.

  • Do payday loan companies like moneymart report to the credit agencies and doe’s that help improve a poor credit rating?

  • I have been doing re-search & every where I look people advise against payday loans. I was looking into a payday loans because you can get the money the next day & I am in need of cash by this weekend, Saturday the latest.

    Are there any other options besides payday loans that offer the same service as in getting the money that soon.

    I currently live in NYC & a friend of a friend was recommending to me a loan shark, however I am a little scared & hesitant.

    I am pretty desperate & I have already been scammed twice, one with a counterfeit check & the other with sending money in hopes of them sending me back money, never happened.

    Any suggestions? I have already pawned everything I can. When the counterfeit check happened my bank account was frozen & then subsequently closed. I now have a pre-paid debit card that I use for my direct deposit, it’s called balance financial from wallgreens.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hey people..

    I know there is wonga, quickquid ect, but what UK loan companys do instand payday loans for £400 for first time customers – like toothfairy finance?

    Please help 🙂 x

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