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Life is full of unforeseen obligations. House or car repairs arise unexpectedly, medical and dental bills can’t always be anticipated, and sometimes a paycheck just won’t stretch to that unexpected invite to your cousin’s wedding. Thank goodness for credit cards, right? But if any of these should come when you have just maxed out your credit card, availing of those instant 1000 cash loan payday advance with no credit check can be your financial savior when all other buck sources won’t do.And it doesn’t have to be limited to emergencies. Availing of unsecured loans with no credit check is often best considered in the context of a cost-benefit analysis. If you know you are going to spend the amount anyway on your next payday, it helps to advance it with a payday loan, especially if you stand to lose more if you missed the opportunity that a loan can do for you over a 15-day window.For instance, if you need to replace a PC that suddenly died on you and you need it to do your work at home to generate a side income or in a telecommuting arrangement with your company, avail yourself of those payday loans with no credit check. If you need a computer for your work, or for your secondary income, you could be losing money every day that you don’t have one. A payday loan, with no credit check, can help you get the supplies you need to help you stop losing money. Payday loans provide you all the advantages of a traditional loan without all the paper work, credit checks and hassle. It may cost you $200 in interest, but it beats the hassle of commuting or losing the revenue within a 5-day window of opportunity to get it replaced. Why wait until your next payday when you can have what you need now?

What We offer

For those who are new to payday loans and need 5000 dollar loan or less and don’t know how they work, it a simple process where you can apply for a loan from a payday lender, with minimal documents. Unlike a bank loan, which requires a ton of documents, complicated applications, a long approval process-and a good credit score, a payday loan for up to $5000 can be yours today with none of the hassle and fuss, and potential embarrassment of being turned down! All that is required to apply for a payday loan is you need to have a job on the basis of which you apply for a loan. For up to $5000, one simple form, in which you provide your employment information, the date of your next paycheck, and your checking account information-for direct deposit–, and you are on your way. Set up an easy payment plan directly from your checking account, or provide a post-dated check, and you are done. Loans are approved very quickly once the application is complete. In most cases, your loan is available the same day! The criterion is you need to repay the amount by your next paycheck. So as per your instruction the payday lender will either do an ECS debit or run your check for the amount borrowed the interest charges which would be informed to you at the time of the approval. So if you need a $500 loan or need 5000 dollar loan, a payday option will help you arrange for the money you need.

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There is no other method of acquiring a 1000 cash loan payday advance that is easier, and there never has been. From the comfort of your own home, you can apply for a loan privately and conveniently, with no credit check. Applying for a loan from us is completely safe and worry-free. Our site is securely encrypted, so your privacy is assured. So, don’t let the opportunity go by and apply for loans with no credit check on our site.

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  • Has anyone ever used 888 payday loans?
    I need $1000 within 24 hours for fixing my car.
    Do I have to fax the document to 888 payday loans?
    Is it fast approval?

    If you have another cash advance that offer instant approval and secure application. Please kindly tell me.


  • I have have a medical emergency, and am need of a payday loan by tomorrow. I am self employed and make good money. I just do not have insurance to fully cover everything.

    Can anyone guide me to a company that could help?

    Thank you!

  • I am needing a payday advance loan that I can apply for on-line, but I don’t have a bank account. Are there any services like that, that will loan me via Money Gram, or Western Union? I need the money by tomorrow evening, but I can’t go all the way to the actual location, the closest thing is a walmart or publix money services. Please help me!

  • I lease a storefront and operate a payday advance business from it. The State government recently passed legislation which forces me out of business because they reduced the fees I can charge by 93%. It’s impossible to pay my expenses, let alone make a profit, under these circumstances. I have two more years left on the lease – do I have any legal grounds to break the lease under these circumstances?

  • I quit smoking a year ago and have more money now to spend, but i have got into the habit of getting payday advance loans just for the sake of it, i used to only get the loans when it was a emergence or i really needed the cash (only once every six months) now i get them all the time. I only owe one more payment of 60 dollars which i will pay tomorrow, and i really want to stop getting the loans. want should i say to myself to stop getting them just for the sake of it

  • my job messed up with my check so ill be getting it late but i have to pay my rent because im renting a room and the rent is due tomorrow does anyone know a payday advance place that will give 200
    thanks money tree worked ill be able to pay it back

  • My fiance owes over 3,000 dollars to more than 10 payday advance stores and I dont see a way for him to get out of it short of filling bankruptcy. He has to write a new check every month to pay off the old ones and he cant seem to get caught up.

  • I am trying to get a personal loan for like $3000, but My credit score is only 545 and I don’t make much. I have been turned down by my banks and credit union. All I can seem to find online is a payday advance. Any suggestions on where to look?

  • I have payday loan/advances out right now and I just lost my job. I do not have the money to pay them off right now but I will in the coming weeks. What are my options? What do I do?

  • My fiance is in the military and alot of the places that give payday advances won’t loan to him because of it. Does anyone know a reliable site that will allow us to get a payday advance ASAP? We just need 200 to get us threw until Wednesday. Any suggestions will be appreciated

  • I was in the mortgage business & did wonderful for 10 years and now since that business is no longer I am working at a payday advance company. I am wanting to go back to school to start another career and not sure what to do. Please Help!!!!!!! I need ideas.

  • I have been getting phone calls both from california and new york from someone saying they are with the federal government. Both of the guys are foreign and are claiming that i am going to be arrested. It is what i believe to be a scam from a payday advance place. These people have social security numbers, all your personal information. They are becoming threatening and i just want them to stop.i have filed a formal complaint with the FBI internet crimes division and they just keep calling. If anyone can help me I would sure appreciate it.

  • i have an payday advance for car repairs but i needed two more days to get all of the $330 together. but the office manager said that she had to have it all that day or it would wreck my credit, so is there any way, by law to get them to let me pay my advance back over two or three weeks? thanks for any help.

  • I don’t need much money would it be more favorable to pawn an item or to go to a payday advance place like Amscot? I am speaking long term after I payback interest and the principle?

  • Back in 2002, I took out a Payday Advance loan and I was young and stupid. I defaulted on this loan and it’s been in collections for a long time I’d say. 11 years later, (today) they called me and told me that I owe money on this and if I don’t pay it, they can have the IRS take the loan and I’ll owe the money. Is this true? If so, how come nobody has done this for the past 11 years?

  • You know those ads for payday cash advance, “get fast payday loan” where they say they will put funds in you bank acct by the next day – are those trustable??? Or can it get you in trouble. Any info would be appreciated.
    what abt if I just need a small amt of like $300 which i can pay back next month?

  • I took out a $100 payday advance and didn’t pay it back on time. Are they going to cash the check I gave them (resulting in an insufficient funds check and possible criminal charges)?

  • I run a payday advance Business and when customers do not pay and i send to the bank it comes back account closed or nsf what are the Tennessee laws against this so i can post up in my lobby? Please only facts or websites no opinions.

  • If someone goes to a get a payday advance, specifically @ Cashland, and writes the checks out to Cash Co, by mistake, can Cashland retrieve their money if the person never comes back to re-pay the loan? Would the bank still cash the checks if they are stamped by someone other than who they were written to? If they couldn’t send the checks to the bank I’m assuming they could take the individual to court, right? They have the signature of the person who signed the checks and paperwork.

    I’m just curious to know the legal technicalities of this situation.

  • I wrote the check to the payday advance but now Im broke and wont be able to pay it.

    I know that it will go to collections. But what happens after that. Will they actually take me to court for $500? Their attorney cost more than that. Will it ever actually become a criminal charge?

  • It was a loan though my bank. I needed some extra cash and was desperate so I did a payday advance with Wells. I didn’t have the money to repay it, as I had bills that needed to be paid. So I closed the account before my check was directly deposited into my account. Can Wells garnish wages for to make me repay that? Or if I open an new BA will Wells garnish my new account?

  • Do large supermarkets do payday advances?

  • I need money desperately and I was hoping i could get money for my stimulus check before i get the check. Kinda like a payday advance place. Will they do that?

  • I was looking for a payday advance online and was denied by all.
    Apparently I consented to a fee of $150.00. I received no services from them but the charged my account. Is there anything I can do?

  • My husband and I started checking into those payday advance loans and after filing out ONE application to see what we could get and how much it would cost we decided it was a bad idea. Now they continue to call us to “finish” the loan application. How do we make them stop calling?

  • My grandmother went to a payday advance place to get an advance on her SSI check and wasnt able to pay it back when the due day came. They are threatening to garnish her check instead of allowing her to make payment arrangements on it. She spent every extra dime she had in preparation for the hurricane.

  • i live in michigan and was wondering if you could get a payday advance from ohio?
    or online?

  • I was curious if anyone has done a payday advance on line and if it is legitimate or not.

  • i live live in michigan and was wondering if you could get a payday advance from ohio?

  • I’m looking for a personal loan that does not require a credit check for at least $3000 I keep finding payday advance places and they do not go up that high.

  • I want to start payday loan business. Want some helpful tips that where do I start and how do I get it?

  • Im so sick of filling out information to get a payday loan. I dont have a choice but i need money to pay my rent, i understand everything that comes along with the loans, but are there any legitimate sites that will give me a payday loan and not keep sending me to different sites that direct me to another site?

  • I cant pay these loans back and I have post dated checks with the payday loan companies. Im afraid they could prosecute me for the bad post dated checks. What is going to be the best way to handle this situation?

  • Can you get a payday loan without a checking account. I have a direct deposit debit card from social security.
    Can a payday loan be deposited onto your debit card?

  • I already have tried prosper but they would only get me 1000. I am currently about 10k in the hole. I am trying to find a part time weekend job but its been a month already! My credit score is like 569. Can any body help me?
    I forgot to mention that i have a full time job and i am looking for an extra job on the weekends.

  • Can anyone give a detailed explanation about payday loans and its advantages?

  • I’m in over my head in payday loans and Yes! I do know it’s a bad thing, problem is I need help and am looking to consolidate my bills and roll them into it. I know the bills on my credit will affect my credit, but will my payday loans show up? Do you recommend any companies?

  • Are payday loans illegal in New york state. I see their commercials all over the tv, but I dont see any companies.

  • My co-woeker usually comes to me for advice on minor legal questions and financial questions, because unfortunately, I’ve been through most parts of the system before. I tried to answer this, though, and couldn’t. If a payday loan company outside the U.S. issues a loan to a person inside the U.s>, and the person defaults, does that company have any legal recourse in the U.S.? Any informed answers would be appreciated.

  • I have 5 payday loans which I am unable to pay back.
    I first took out a loan which I couldn’t pay back so I decided to take out another payday loan to pay back my first loan, and hoped to make enough money to pay back the 2nd loan.
    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to pay it back and took out more loans ( which now I know was a very stupid thing to do ) and now I have 5 payday loans which I can’t pay back.
    I’ve cancelled my bank card so the little money I have left can’t be taken but I don’t know what to do.

    I have no way of getting the money I owe right now ( which is nearly £2,000 ) and I can’t see myself being in a position to pay them back anytime soon as I only work part time ( 3 days a week )
    I am constantly receiving calls & letters which I now ignore. There’s no point responding as they know I can’t pay them, and the debt is only going to increase.
    I know this has completely wrecked my credit rating, which was already fairly poor before I started taking out loans.

    I am now thinking the only option I have is to change all my details ( phone number, bank account, email addresses & even move to a different area ) so these companies stop bombarding me with calls, messages etc and have no way of contacting me.
    If I changed details & moved will they be able to trace me? Even if I changed all my details? Is it even worth me moving away & changing all my details?

    I just can’t think of any other options. Can anyone give me any advice on what I can do.

    Please don’t reply just to tell me i’m stupid for getting myself into this mess. I already know this and I don’t need anymore reminders.

  • It is it possible!!!!!!!!!!! to get more than one loan and
    when do I repay the loan?

  • I know, I know that was the stupidest mistake to make, but I needed the money at the time, basically what happen was I took a couple out was paying good then I lost my job and wasn’t able to pay them, then my bank account was overdrawn, down hill from there. Now I check my credit report and they are on there, I thought they was illegal in some states (I did my payday loans online), and wasn’t able to report to the credit bureau’s. What should/can I do, it does show they went through a collection agency to get it put on, can I just dispute it saying it’s a payday loan? Please, let me know.

  • Need links to payday loan providers please. No broker websites please (its unbelieveable how many brokers are out there that’s all I seem to come across). Also Would like to know which have the best rates
    As much as I appreaciate answers I did not ask for your opinions about the payday loans I asked for links to payday loans. If there are no ‘good rates’ then fine. I believe a short term cash loan if done responsible is not the end of the world to be used as a one off in a emergency situation not as something I would do on a regular basis. So again please anyone with links to payday loans please answer anyone with opinions please do not. Thanks.
    I added the word ADVICE as I needed more characters in my heading as my question wouldn’t be submitted. ADVICE however does not have the same definition as OPINION. I needed advice on payday loan providers and if you took the time to read additional details I clearly state what kind of advice I needed. Which should have clearly stated to the literate people out there that I would like to know of any providers with links to websites who are not brokers.
    Money towards funeral costs is not something WANT however unfortunately its something I NEED. I googled and came across a lot of brokers as I state above when I first submitted my question. I am responsible and not suicidal. Not every single person after a short term loan is stupid enough to go bankrupt. Those who think that are those stupid people who get them for things they do not NEED and cannot afford to pay them back at a later date and continue on a downward spiral.

  • Hello,
    I live in Ohio and I have am caught up in writing checks to payday loan companies each month to make my bills. Well I have over extended myself and can not pay them back. My bank account is closed and I am sure they will try to cash the checks. I did not do this intentually it was their constant offers of more money and my bad judgement. Anyone know what happens now?

  • Are payday loans illegal? And why?

  • My husband and I have got ourselves into a mess with PayDay Loans. Everytime we get one it seems like it’s only to pay for another one. And lesson’s learned, we now know that wasn’t very smart. We were just wondering if any of these loans were legal in Missouri and how to deal with them if they’re not. I do know in Missouri, the PayDay Loan Laws say “Criminal Action: Prohibited (Unless check returned due to closed account or stop-payment by maker)”. Does that apply if there is no actual check attached to the loan, like an online loan? Thanks!

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    One Click Cash
    Cash USA Payday (Solomon)
    US Fast Cash

  • I know payday loans are a bad idea, you don’t have to tell me about that. I have a Wal-Mart money card and my paycheck is deposited directly to the card. I have a form with the direct deposit info but all of the normal payday loan companies have denied me. Help! I need a payday loan!

  • I need a payday loan till next week but all the websites Ive found arent lenders and you have to fill out a millium of applications that arent for the money. can you give me a name of a website you tried? please no faxing loans either. thank you.

  • My car broke down yesterday and I need a few hundred bucks to fix it. I am trying to get a payday loan to cover it but I am having trouble finding a company that doesn’t want to talk to my bank. I live in a small town and even though they could tell my bank activity it wouldn’t be brought to their attention unless someone called and wanted all my info. I just don’t want them talking to my bank. Does anyone have any good references?

  • Would you consider a payday loan if you were short for cash? You borrow up to £750 and pay it back on the date of your next payday. There short term unsecured loans where the money is in your account within hours. Has anyone had one of these loans? Or thought about these loans?

  • i was approved for a payday loan and i gave the routing number and account number from my walmart money card. the loan shows it was deposited into my account but it doesnt show on my card

  • My questions is about what happens if you dont pay on a payday loan and it goes into defult and can Bankruptcy solve the problem?

  • I am a single mother of 4 kids going thru a divorce from an abusive man. I work, but barely make enough to cover rent and food. I started applying for payday loans to pay for rent, buy food, but soon found myself in a cycle I couldnt get out of. Most of my paycheck was going to pay interest on the loans, just to keep them rolling over and over. This weekend my wallet was stolen, with checks, ID, SSN, and my bank closed my account. Now Im afraid that all these payday loan companies are going to present the checks and they will be returned unpaid. I didnt close my account on purpose. I do want to pay these people back. However, Check N GO, in Texas , has stated that they are possibly going to turn me over to the authorities. What can I do? Can I go to jail because I wasnt able to pay them back?

  • Which is better, to get a loan or one of those Payday Advances? I only need about $200, but I only make about $100 a week, so I would need a couple of weeks to pay it off…what is the difference between a loan and a payday advance? Thanks in advance!
    I am having some financial trouble, I am not purchasing anything right now…I am slowly going in debt and I am only 19…I am trying to get out of these debts fast! Thanks

  • Please only answer if you’ve actually gotten a payday advance so you know what I’m talking about, regarding interest.

    I know that a payday advance is NEVER a good deal, but let’s say you had no choice.
    Is it a better deal to choose the payday closest to you to pay it back, and get an extension, or pick a payday a couple down the line and pay it back then?

  • The bills aren’t added up right and i need some extra cash for my shots for LPN school.
    My question is: Do these things work and how? Do they go off credit? How do they determine how much you will get?
    i’m in florida

  • I need a quick loan for tomorrow, my next payday is next friday, I see all those websites that says 60 minutes payday advance and all of that instant approval but i cannot find any reviews about it anywhere. If anyone had any experience with one or knows someone who did pls tell me which one is the best. I know that the interest will be high but that’s fine I need the loan so I gotta accept what comes with it. Thanks 🙂

  • I need a few pounds to get me through till payday. Any advice or recommendations for other services would be welcome.

  • I need help.I need a payday advance QUICKLY. Not tommorrow. I have had such a run around these last few days, most web sights are not even lenders so you have to put all your information in twice or more! The last one I applied to made me think i was getting a loan then the next day tells me they cant give loans to state employees. Any Ideas anone on a good payday loan website?
    I live in NC

  • I took a payday advance and lost my job; so now my paycheck isn’t even big enough to pay it back. I was going to try to make an extension and pay them back little at a time,but they won’t let me and said I would have enroll my self into a debt consulation program. But if I don’t pay it will I go to jail or anything for writing a bad check?because I was thinking of just letting them cash the check and me paymy bank w.e fees they charge extra whenever I get on my feet?any ideas of what I should do?

  • i have used wonga and they were great.is there any similar sites?

  • quick I need a website or preferably a phone number of some payday advance companies that you have used before…. Im mostly just finding lender search engines and I actually need to get in touch with a lender. thank you

  • (ohio)I used a pay advance service recently and am looking to get it paid off before I end up in a cycle of paying back and reborrowing every other week. Is there a condition or bylaw with these services that allows me to stretch out payments. Please only post useful info, no mean spirited comments.

  • I took out a $600 loan from a payday advance store. With interest, I owe them $720 in 14 days. I didn’t realize that I had to pay in 14 days. I thought I could pay a set amount every month until paid off (like I did 2 yrs ago at Finance Security). They have called me 2 times and I told them that I have NO money right now. I get disability once a month. I had that on the application. Does anyone have advice on how I can pay this off without them having to take me to court. Can I pay monthly towards a collection agency?

  • I am a single mom who unfortunely got stuck in a cycle of payday advances. I am embarrassed to say that I owe about 10 of them back over $4,000 total. The fees for just the interest alone are more than my pay checks are at this point. I am not dumb I just have no family (my parents are deceased for years and I have no close family to speak of) I can’t get a bank loan I am divorced and my credit is horrible from that ordeal now..so I kept borrowing from one to pay the next and so on until I realized I can’t even pay the minimums let alone living expenses anymore! I really need GOOD suggestions no judging please. How can I get this paid off. I am due to pay these things again on Friday and I am already racking late fees and stuff. thanks for advise on this.
    I am in Wisconsin

  • i need a cash advance of atleast 600, I have seen many websites but are they real? do you know of any good ones that are real and legit? please let me know i need it asap

  • I have a credit card bill that’s due in a few days and I don’t have a way to pay for it. I don’t want the late charge to kick in because it would cost way too much.

  • I have a medical bill affecting my credit history and its keeping me from getting a car. Is there any way I can get a very quick 1500 dollar loan that can be payed back over the course of 2-4 months?

  • I work for a small company with a very caring boss. She has given me payday advances in the past and has actually loaned me a large amount of money that I already paid back.

    If you were an employer would you think badly of an employee who gets advances often? Like what if it is every other pay period?
    I don’t drive a lexus… i drive a piece of sh**. I don’t live beyond my means. I am a college student working full time, living on my own and I ask for the advances so I can eat that day. I hate asking for them but I sometimes I have to. But I don’t want my boss to look down on me.

  • I have a fulltime job and i go to school full time, but since i bought my books i won’t have enough money to pay for my rent, and I heard that I could get a payday advance to my next payday, but I only have a savings account, will i still be able to get one?

  • My sister-in-law has about 4 payday advance loans that she’s not paying. I’ve told her that she could go to jail for this. SHe says no she cant because its a loan,not a bad check. Does anyone know?

  • I am pretty young 25, and I make 70K year, but I recently had to have surgery due to a sports related injury. I missed about a month of work, and won’t get dissability for a few more weeks. I am back to work now but I need some money to tide me over for about ten days, I don’t really want to draw my account negative. Would taking a payday advance of like 500 dollars be a good idea?? P.S. my check I will be receiving in ten days will more than cover that. I have never dont this before so I am not to sure if it reflects negatively on your credit ect. Thanks

  • I am desperate for quick cash, but every payday loan company I go to directs me to another, and so on, inother words, I am getting no where . Does anyone know of a reputable and decent cash advanve company that loans money, I have a savings, but no checking. THANKS~!!!!!

  • i have a payday advance i gotta pay 170 or i risk getting put in jail? is that true? or is it just threats…i cant pay all of it and cant risk getting in jail =[ i live in tn so idk what the law is…

  • which one lets you pay off in low monthly payments…

  • I know you have to write them a check for the amount you borrow, but how much interest do they charge & how long do you have to pay it back? Does the amount of money I make depend on how much they can give me? I’ve heard lots of horror stories about them, but it’s not going to be an every week thing for me, I’m just strapped right now and I don’t want to overdraft my bank account =(

  • i need an online payday advance that’s legit and doesn’t charge too much.. any ideas would be great..

  • If so, how was your experience? What did you have to do? I need about $1000 for bills but didn’t budget to well this month.
    For all of you telling me to budget better….too little too late dont you think? Also, I have a great job where I get paid weekly but like everyone else, sometimes things come up. I drive two cars and had to unexpectedly fix both of them. Nothing major, but enough to put a dent in my end-of-month bills.
    Knowing that I have to budget is common sense. Thanks to all for the advice and information, I appreciate it.
    Edited to add:

    Well it seems that the state of California only allows an advance of no more than $255. That can’t help me! So thanks for all of your advice and it seems like I’ll have to think of something else.

  • Do they report to the major credit companies?

  • Im told that some lenders are easier to qualify for credit and I just wondered if anybody knows of any?? Ive been turned down by all the main stream lenders and my rent is a week late so im desperate now!

  • Whats a good source for these online? Need something with reasonable rates!

  • Is there such a thing as a company that offers pay check advances with no teletrack or cv? are there any companies that will give a second loan if you’ve already got one out? No i’m not applying just asking.
    I SAID I’M NOT APPLYING, JUST ASKING!!! I don’t need to be lectured like i’m a kid. I already know they’re bad. I am just wondering about it

  • How do payday advances work?

    I am on disability and only get paid once a month, would I have a month to pay them back also?

  • my husband and I have had to move over 1200 miles from home due to a family matter and will not be returning. We each have a payday advance, mine is under $500 and his is just over $500. If we cannot pay them in full on the due date what can happen? We want to make it good but cannot pay it all at once, it took all we had to relocate. PLEASE, no mean or judgmental remarks–we all have issues. Thanx!
    Thankfully we only have the checks as collateral and not our vehicles. Thanks everybody!

  • I have a checking and savings account but I don’t have checks because I never ordered any? Can I use something else?

  • I live in colorado, need a small loan to help with payments. Do they check your credit score? can anyone suggest one they have had good experience with? also, bad ones so I know what to stay away from.

  • I had lost my job a couple of months ago due to budget layoffs and times have been hard but I just recently got a really good job. The things is I have a electricity bill that has to be paid in a couple of days or it gets turned off but my first payday isn’t for a week so I was wondering how do I get a payday advance? Do I have to have good credit?I live in Bakersfield, Ca if that matters.

  • My husband is sick. Being in and out of hospital and will be going back for surgery. We need money but do not have good credit. was thinking about those bad credit loans seen on the web but not sure if they are on the up and up. Will appreciate and imfomation you might have concerning the payday/bad credit loans companies

  • Suppose I get a $1000 payday advance, do I have to pay it all back at once??

  • Can you get a advance without a bank account in Maryland

  • I need to get a payday advance in the approx amount of $300 to $400. Which online company should I use for the payday advance that has the lowest fees/rates? I know it’s not a good idea but it’s the only option I have.

  • I need a bad credit payday advance. I dont want to hear about how they are bad and watnot… I just want to know of a good direct lender that will approve me, fo rmy situation.

  • Every time I fill out an application they never finish by giving me an answer, they always throw all these other loan apps. at me.

    If they do work,… please direct me to the best one. Thank you in advance

  • anyone know of a place to get a payday advance even if u have bad credit and owe for a payday advance with another company that u cant get through to anymore? i need 900 for rent by tomorrow.
    we dont have cc’s and we have no family to turn to. a friend of the family just died, and our daughter was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy. we need the money no later than the 18th and we wont get the tax return till the 22nd (estimated). the landlord wont work with us on this even though this is the first time we have been late. we dont care about interest rates at the moment.
    does anyone understand that we need the money now???? debt consolidators wont help with rent! and thats what i need the money for!!!! i dont care about our credit right now. credit isnt any good if we are living in our cars!!!! i think cause we are white we cant get any funding.
    there is no friend or family memebr to help us! read thequestion carefully before answering.

  • Does anyone know of a website I can go to to get a payday advance that will wire it western union instead of going through a bank account?
    If not I have a bank account on a debit card. It’s called account now, its a visa debit card but also a bank account that can get direct deposits so maybe you know one where they will do this?

  • What are your thoughts on this if you have tryed it before

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