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For people experiencing financial difficulties, payday 100% guaranteed payday loans have become a valuable option.An agree to repay the loan on your next payday, or over the next several paydays, is all the conditions that this kind of loan requires.The rate if interest is higher than what’s offered by traditional lenders, but there are not many restrictions. A direct lender payday loan is the quickest possible way to procure the loan you need. You don’t have to wait for mode days after submitting your application. Within hours, the payday loan you need can be in your checking account. The lender asks you to provide them with authorization to deduct the cash from your checking account when your next paycheck comes in. It is because of this flexibility that payday loans are so helpful to people when they need funds. These loans do not require a credit check.

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Companies such as Payday Loans Online or Net Loan USA, provide unemployed money loans through their internet service. By providing some simple financial information via easy to use websites, unemployed users can be quickly approved for a loan. Many sites even offer guaranteed approval, regardless of financial information. If you are unemployed and need money quick, these loans can help. If your loan is approved, there are easy repayment terms available, over a period of time. Falling deeper into debt only makes financial problems feel more hopeless. Sure, they will be taking out a loan that has interest connected to it, but that small amount of interest is better to incur than suffering from setbacks that could prevent ever finding future employment. By relieving some of your financial burden, you are able to spend more time looking for a job. These loans can be used for gas cash, bus fair, or taxi rides. If these loans were not offered to them and no provide of a payday was ever available, these individuals without work may find themselves trapped in a situation they could never get out of.

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Overall, payday 100% guaranteed payday loans are a great way to find a lender that requires no credit checks. If you are having some trouble this month and are interested in securing a payday loan, you need look no further than our webpage. We have a number of lending specialists available to help guide you through the process of selecting a loan. We are anxious to assist you, and we hope to hear from you soon.

47 Responses to 100% Guaranteed Payday Loans No Faxing

  • I applied payday loans at http://onehourpaydayloannow.com

    I would like to get $1500 within tomorrow for my mother in the hospital.

    I found this payday loan on google.com. Is this real and good payday cash advance?

    Is this scam? I worry about the scam, and finance fees.

    Help me review Please.

    If you have other legitimate payday loans, please kindly tell me.

    i think Online payday loans $100 to $1000 99% Guarantee Approval. No Faxing & Bad Credit OK.

  • Internet search engines direct me to sites that you have to pay a membership fee to access their lists of lenders that will “guarantee” you to get approved. Is this really worth it? Do they really have lenders that I won’t be able to find otherwise?

  • If so, can you please provide site link? Thank you.

  • they claim they are a hard money lending company that gets investors to lending you money with a collateral if you dont have any, then you pay a down payment (a percentage of like 15%) of the amount they lend. i have searched every where and i know there is a real estate company under caldwell but not a lending group. i just would like to know if any one has heard of this company?

  • im 18 and getting job seekers allowance which is £50 weekly.
    Can i take out a loan of only about £30 while im on jsa?
    and if so does anyone know what websites i can go on?
    hope you can helpp

  • did you pay it back? and how long were you unemployed?

  • I’ve tried alot of these speedy loans and bad credit loans and citibank and am coming up with nothing. I don’t want to have to pay for anymore loanfinders and I’ve even ran into a scam or two. Somebody please give me some advice. And no payday loans either! Please!

  • Is there any chance that my friend could get a loan he asking he has bad credit and the bank will not provide him with a loan he looking for a loan of a £1000 no guarantor or fees? Any questions to this answer would be great.

  • Looking for a cash loan but don’t have a guarantee card. Any ideas (except money shop). Live in Nottingham!

  • The check was PAID, it just shows as a NSF Fee on my statement…

  • Looking for names and addresses to all homeowners associaiton offices or managment companies in Texas, if such data exists.

  • I dont want a payday loan, but need a personal loan and have bad credit. I am actually planning on taking the money and paying off my 3 current credit cards (total is $2k) and rebuilding my credit that way. Any suggestions? And please dont say prosper cause all that did was make me keep requesting and noone ever assisted.

  • I understand that they are loans for small amounts, usually made to people in 3rd world or developing nations. However, is it a charitable donation? Or can one loan funds and earn interest on the repayment?

  • the car is being sold by a privet seller and i have a co signer but i need more options pleas help
    i already bought a 08 mustang and its payed off but now we wanted a jeep and we bought a house last year and they said its becouse i havent had my credit cards over 3 years or somthing like that

  • I was searching for guaranteed personal loans online. I filled in all my personal info and as a result received feedback from pay day loans rather than personal loans so I disregarded them. Well about a week or two later 300 dollars was deposited into my account. At the time I didn’t think anything of it because my son who is in Afghanistan occasionally puts money in my account. Well when I inquired about it he said he hadn’t sent me money. Therefore I went online to check my bank account and realized it was a payday company. I’m thinking how dare they? At any rate I spent the money now that are threatening to take me to court, calling my job, etc. I called a call one day assuming it was the police they were telling me that they were coming to my job to arrest me for fraud and that I needed to contact these people else I would go to jail. Where do I stand legally? It’s like how can I prove that I did not request this loan? I never wanted a payday loan because of the high interest that’s why I specifically searched for a personal loan.

  • I have about $20,000 in SL about to be in default I have about 59 more days I think. About $1600 in CC debt and about 600 in pay-day loans. I was going to try to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy is this a good option? Is there a better way to deal with all this? HELP!

  • I usually do business with Soniccash dot com. but I’m trying to find a site that won’t give me the runaround. sonic cash is great, but i just want to see what else is out there. many of the sites i try have me type in all my info, but only to refer to several other sites that have me do the same. someone please help if you can.

  • My husband has a great job in the oil fields but before that we were in awful debt and owe alot of these payday loan places so by the time we pay them we don’t have enough money to pay the bills so we have to get more payday loans if I could just find someone willing to give me a loan with a monthly payment I could pay all of them back and finally get back on our feet

  • My husband graduates in October from Basic Military Training and we don’t have the money to pay for an airline ticket at the moment and I want to purchase the ticket as soon as possible before the rates skyrocket! This is an a incredibly important day for him and I don’t want to miss it!
    Has the Bill Me Later option given anyone else trouble? Are the monthly payments actually affordable? I don’t want to get a cash advancement online because the interest rates are beyond crazy!
    Any and all information would be wonderful!
    Thank you for your help in advance!

  • i want to consolidate payday loans, medical bills, taxes. willing to pay any monthly payment. not a homeowner, and do not want to pay upfront fee which is against the law

  • I have a lot of capital, and I am a financial analyst, but I’m interested in starting a small lending firm in Louisiana.

  • I heard there are payday loan websites that guarantee payment, but I can’t find any of them amongst all of the spamsites.

  • collection acs calling say if i dont pay them 700.00 dollares the are going to summon my bank records and file hot check charges on me. I never wrote them a check if was electronic from my account, I called the payday company they said they could not file charges, but the account has been sold to acs. and the payday company said it a scam. I dont know what to do

  • I need a very small personal loan and can’t get approved from anyone with out a co-signer and the only person who will co-sign has just as bad of credit, how can I get a small personal loan without a co-signer?

  • Need something similar to this site and not the ones that just direct you to other locations

  • Does anyone know for certain that it is illegal for an off duty cop to acquire a loan from a ‘loan shark’? If so, what exactly is the penalty? I’d appreciate the help…I’m writing a story and this is part of it…only now I can’t find anything on whether or not this is breaking police rules and/or what the punishment for this is. I’d appreciate all help, thanks.

  • The loan would be a personal loan because its for cosmetic surgery. I have read some other questions somewhat similar to this and most of the answers are saying don’t get plastic/cosmetic surgery. But before you say that since the end of 2006 I have lost 120lbs, lets just say I have excess skin I did it alone without weight loss surgery I have been bigger since I was little and I think its about time for me to feel “normal”. I am only 19 so I have no credit history yet and no one really that can be my co signer. I have a credit card but I haven’t had it for a year. I just need some help I have a Mary Kay business but I am not the “typical” Mary Kay person (just not out going).

  • I’m very puzzled about the different terms when it comes to loans and this is one of them. I know that unsecured loans mean you can borrow money from lenders without collateral but you have to make sure your credit score is high. Am I right? If not, please explain. Then, what is guaranteed unsecured loan? Is payday loan also a type of unsecured loan?

  • I need to get out of these my budget is at its limit. And I already have two jobs and I dont have anything to sell. And my family doesnt have the money to get me out of this mess. I know I was stupid but I used them to pay for the mortgage because my husband was ill and for food and utility bills.

  • can I still get a refund anticipation loan? Basically, I have a student loan garnishment, but want to get an RAL because I have some bills that need to be paid immediately.

  • They have called saying they are gonna garnish my wages…
    And vie read on other post that don’t have direct deposit because they can get your money that way… but I have changed my account number since I got the loan…. so how is that possible…
    Okay that is so not TRUE. I called my bank and the company has to know my account number… there is no way just o know my name and which bank i bank at…… So im good on that one….

  • I had a online payday loan I took out in 04′. I made 3 or 4 payments b4 I lost my job and forgot all about it. Well, the company quickpayday loans went out of business and another company bought the account. I had that other company call me after over 6 yrs since I took out the loan. I had every intention of paying it but the 2 different reps at the company gave me 2 different info’s as to acct #, the name of the company they were with, 2 different amounts I supposidly owe, and the phone number comes up a man out of Atlanta GA. With Credit Card fraud and identity theft, I couldnt trust the misleading ifo they were providing. When I asked the one rep this morning for quickpayday loans’ contact info, prior to knowing they were no longer in business, she said they were no longer in business, her company bought out the business, and I was not wanting to pay it. I told her that if I didnt want to pay it, I wouldnt have made 3 or 4 payments before loosing me job, of whom I used my work email as contact info, I wouldnt have made 7-8 calls to them in the last 4 days to try to rectify this, that the only reason I am not giving my creditcard info over the phone is being they sound suspicious, identity theft, and I wanted written proof showing I owe this so I have it for my records to pay it. She started threatening me saying they will take me to court, and I was trying to get away with no paying them. I told her ma’m take me to court and I hope you have recorded every conversation I have had with your company and I will inform the judge that you all have diff stories, different info. That I have no problem paying a debt I owe but I want proof and you all have not called me, my # has been the same for 10yrs, mailed me any proof, and you come out of the woodworks and just expect me to give you creditcard info? Fine take me to court. She made it seem like they’re gonna throw me in jail!!!! I figure they cant take what I dont have so….I can only let them take me to court, and pay what I can If the judge tells me to….can you tell me what you think or what ?????

  • I have a payday loan for $185 that is a week overdue in Louisiana. I called and said I could pay it Friday, but she seems unwilling to work with me.I can pay off this loan, but I got into a car accident and can’t get there til Friday. In result of loosing my car, I lost my job. I can still pay it off but on Friday though instead of right now. So I had to write a post dated check to take out this loan and the lady hasn’t even tryed cashing it. She said she isn’t going to go to jail for cashing a bad check. She also said that she is sending my check to the sherriffs office telling them it’s a bad check, when she didn’t even cash it and wont work with me on paying it off. Then she told me I could speak to a manager and I asked her then if I could. Her response was she was the manager. I’m not sure what to do here. I can pay it off friday, and still plan to but will the cops come before I do? Can the cops even come for that?

  • Hi, I’m a newcomer, moved into melb from overseas 2 mths ago. working as a network engg for the past 1 mth as an IT contractor in an ongoing contract. get paid around 1200 a week. I’m having so much trouble with getting a loan or a credit card because i don’t have over 2 or 3 months in my job. does anyone know if there is any hope at all.
    My wife and daughter are overseas, and if i want to get them over, we all have PR’s, i was told thats not possible because the loan has to be used only for me.
    can’t i use it for my own family? then what is the purpose of a loan? i just don’t get it. and apart from those 6 reasons that they list, can’t people just get loans based on their eligibility and have the freedom to do what they want with it, because they are paying back, and have the capacity to pay back?
    I’m desperate to get my family over. can someone please advise.
    i tried all these payday loans and lenders. none help.
    I guess the answer pretty much shows i have no option unless i work for atleast 6 months.
    So are there no options for contractors? with over. 1.9 million independent contractors in australia, are there no options at all for them?
    if i mention a purpose and use the money for something else, is there a way that can lead me into trouble?
    PR is a permanent resident. I have the right to live and work in australia. I am a skilled migrant.
    won’t the banks take a cheque for the loan amount as security, so in that case, if i default or run away, a police case can be filed against me, and i’m apprehendable by law. surely that should account for some form of security.
    if i had a permanent job, there is the 3 month probation that i have to get over before i can get any credit. what guarantee is there that i won’t be fired or quite after the 4th month? sounds a bit silly that the focus is more on pre defined criteria than a case by case and accurate assessment.

  • It is illegal for payday companies to do business in NC. What do i do about my payday loans I have taken out? Can they still charge me such high interest rates?

  • I need a loan for $1500, but not from a payday loan. I can’t get one from a bank because my credit is bad. I’m a single mom who just needs some help with bills. I need a loan that I can pay back slowly month by month. Any suggestions?

  • I mean, I’m always letting people borrow money, usually with a little percentage I ask for back, but i was wondering how do I open my own payday-advance cash loan business legally? I want to do it legally, and have people sign papers, so I don’t end up in a tight spot, and neither does the other person.

    Please Please, retirees, or business people, help me!

    Alot of white America, always bashing African-Americans, saying we’re lazy and good for nothing. We always want it the easy way, but for this girl that is not the case. I want someone to point me in the right direction, give me advise, some business knowledge, and I’ll do the rest myself.

  • I have really bad credit w/ a six yr old bankruptcy. i really need a loan so I can clean up my credit, among other things. I’ve tried various sites guaranteeing a loan approval for a fee–SCAMS. I need a legitimate source that deals with high risk loans and past bankruptcies. I do not want any payday loans. thanks

  • i have a friend who has been kicked out of her family home and is now living with me in my student accomodation.
    She owes alot of money to random places such as rent and phone bills and to get by she has been lending from payday lenders such as wonga and quickquid.

    She was guaranteed work from her mothers company when she first moved back home and given a flat above the business. A family feud caused her mother to sack her from her job. This is one problems, where i don’t know where she stands, she was on the books and had a legal contract to that company, does she have any rights as to the way she was fired? Along with this when she returned her mother had kicked her out of the flat also. Another problem, is she allowed to do that? And, the wages from the work that she had done over a month her mother kept and she hasn’t seen a penny. She has been forced to live with me with no money, no car (they took that off her too) and no belongings. So far she has signed on the dole and is searching desperately for a job, but the payday lenders are now on her case. Does any one have any suggestions as to how she could sort this out as at the moment shes looking at another loan to cover the last two or three and just seems to be getting herself deeper and deeper.
    thankyou for all your answers, i will definately suggest that she seeks help from professionals.

    I am certain of the problems that she is facing with her family as i have experienced it first hand, there is no reasoning with them in any way shape or form. I wonder if it would change your opinion if the reason for the family feud is because she actually came out as gay to them and this is there reaction?

    As for moving out there isn’t a way she can as she has no money or anyone to help her other than me.

  • i need a personal loan fast. to save apt.

  • I got a loan from PAYDAYUK last month, anyway i lost my job and i told them i couldnt repay the amount back i want to sort out a payment plan. The man on the phone was very rude and put the phone down on me!! i went to my bank the following day and they have taken out all of my child tax and child benefit, i have nothing to live on for the next 2 week untill my income support is sorted. I rang the company and they put the phone down on me numerous times! i spoke to benefits and hey said by law they cannot take my benefits as i will have nothing to live on, I told the company this and there reply was ‘oh well, its not our fault your bank authorized it’ .. i never authorised any payments to be taken out of my account i tried to work out a payment plan but they wouldnt take any notice of me! I have read the contract and it doesnt say they will continue to take payments untill they recieve the amount i owe. can they do this? i HAVE NOTHING TO LIVE ON OR TO FEED MY CHILD FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS! i am going to the bank in the morning to see iftheres anything they can do.

    also i have searched there registration number on the Office of fair trading website and i can not find anythong about them being registered! PLEASE ca someone help me! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.
    excuse me CALVIN C i have worked since my child was 3 months old i lost my job due to sexual harrasment off my manager!!!!!!!!! i have never been on benefits before so stop being so quick to judge others!!

  • i just started college and i need money. i did apply for financial aid but that doesnt come till next month, so i applied for a stafford loan but that also doesnt come till next month.
    so my last hope is a private student loan but i have no income, credit, or cosigner cuz my entire family has bad credit. i dont need much only enough , to buy a computer, books, and a bus pass, i think about 1000 should cover it. but i need it NOW.

    so i wanted to know if there is any other way to get money for school now and not in 4 weeks.

    or if i can somehow get a private loan without a cosigner.

  • I stood guarantee for the business line of credit. The business is almost gone and the loan stands at 95,000 USD. Bank is coming after me. What do i do ? Personal bankruptcy has been suggested by friends. what are the consequences of personal bankruptcy? I am so very worried. Is there a nicer resolution for this? My credit score is very good right now.

  • I really need some help. My loan debt it just becoming more and more and more of a stress. It started off with a small amount when an unexpected bill came through and needed to be paid. I borrowed about £50 and it put me back the next month so borrowed again n i’m now stuck in circle. I had a horrible few months and I was signed off work by docs and my useless boss at the time “forgot” to put my sick notes in which I didnt realise until payday when I rang up as I had NO money. I ended up stupidly taking out another loan to cover the previous loan and to live on. I payed it back fine but again I was skint. Now i’m stuck in this and i’ve had ‘skint’ months, tried to sell things but parents wouldn’t let me. I’m around £400 debt with my parents, £150 with ‘wonga’, £450 with quickquid (wonga n quickquid due march) and paying off £560 catalog. I’m stressed and I just want to get out of this. I don’t want any answers saying its my own fault or whatever, I already know. I just need help.

  • I am trying to get a pay day loan and everytime I choose a website…it tell me they will find lenders…well everytime I enter my information it takes me to another lender site!!! Im gettting frustrated…can anyone tell me what is going on? or know a legit site that will just either approve or deny me!???? tnks in advance!
    Thing is Im not in a tight bind where Im desperate for money or jobless..LOL…moving and have to move within the week, dnt get paid till next week…dnt assume America…I can afford my internet service which will be due at the end of the month 🙂

  • Trying to avoid payday loans. Any personal Lender that would get me the money today? Can pay back . Please I need to get to L.A by Sunday VERY IMPORTANT!!!

  • Has anyone successfully received a payday loan while receiving Social Security benefits as their only source of income? If so, what website did you use?

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