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  • I applied a month ago and my current lenders do not seem to be cooperating with direct loans by sending them payoff information. Should I be concerned? How long does this process typically take?

  • I just got out of school and I already received a bill from Direct Loans. I thought they gave a 6 to 9 month grace period automatically before sending a bill or charging somebody? Do I have to apply for the grace period?

  • I was offered the full amount of the loan, I accepted it via the financial aid website at my school, does this mean I was approved (for the ford federal grad plus direct loan?) If you are offered an award does this mean you were already approved or still have to be?

  • I had my payment plan on monthly autopay from the direct loan website which i can’t seem to find anymore?? I need to change bank accounts on that payment plan where the frick do i go?? What the frick happened to the site?? (and no, it wasn’t a scam or phishing site)
    Tina, did you even graduate college yet (or even begin, for that matter)?
    It looks like everybody’s subsidized loans got acquired by a private company, that’s what has happened. I had everything set to autopay so i didn’t bother logging in for quite some time. And Rick, Tina’s response was not smart, sorry to say. It was rude. Perhaps I should’ve kept all the paperwork I ever did in my life in a big 16 ton metal safe? Since I was gonna live in my dorm room for the rest of my life? Because my life was gonna be so static that I wasn’t going to move to three different cities for the next 5 years after graduation looking for a job, right? Paperwork, really?? Heard of the INTERNET??
    Thank you, Nancy, for your mature answer.

  • My husband and I qualify for the direct loan. This loan comes directly from the USDA, but I am curious for those of you that have gotten a direct loan, since the loan is 102 percent of the homes value, do you have to pay for the earnest money and inspection?

  • I just transferred undergraduate schools and still have some student loans from my previous school (Sallie Mae and Federal Direct loans). Is there some sort of clearing house that my new enrollment status will be sent to so that the loan agencies know that I haven’t just stopped going to school (and thus cause my loan payments to become due)? Or must I obtain enrollment verification from my current school and send it to each loan agency myself?

  • The William D ford Federal Direct Loan Program, can you file bankruptcy on something like this?

  • I attended college the Fall of 09′ but then had to take a few semesters off because I had gotten pregnant. I took out loans with Direct Loan, at the moment I have them on a deferment plan. My question is am will I be able to take out more loans now? Do they allow that?

  • I am planning on taking out a $2,200 loan for summer school. How does the interest work? The interest rate is 7.9%. Does the 7.9% affect only the $2,200 loan or the total sum? I plan on taking out a Stafford loan in the Fall Quarter in order to pay off the Direct Loan because I am worried about the accruing interest. Help?

  • I am 3 classes away from getting my bachelors degree. I already have a full time job and havnt really considered going back, I will eventually to finish up. Direct loans has started bugging me, I was thinking about defering by takeing 1 class a year, this will give me 3 more years before I have to start paying, I can save a decent amount and once im done I can make a nice upfront payment, owe about 30k. Im currently 26 years old.

  • I’ve submitted my fasfa, but then it says you’re also eligible for the pell and direct loan. Will it automatically do it for me or do I have to apply??

  • I already applied on the fafsa website and my application has gone through and processed and said I am eligible. However I do not know the specific link to fill out the application for the direct loan.

    Btw i had a direct loan a few years back i have just forgotten how to apply, i believe a councilor helped me before.

  • I have $25,000 in student loans, all from Direct Loans. My problem is that I am currently defaulting my loans and interest is growing like the monster it is. I’m going to graduate this fall semester in a degree in Information Systems. How is the job market for IS/IT positions today? Are there any alternate fields I can go into with a BS degree in Business with a concentration in Information Systems?
    Sorry, I mean deferring not defaulting. Sorry for any confusion.

  • okay I received a letter in the mail from Direct Loans for my college. The letter says that the net loan amount will be disbursed to me. What does that mean? And it has to different amounts. One section says “Direct Subsidized Loan” and its says net disbursement amount $2000. The other section says “Direct Unsubsidized Loan” and it says net disbursement amount $4000. What does this mean? Is this money I’m getting or what?

  • I received my student loan statements from Direct Loans and they show current. Also on my credit check they show Current. I however have not paid them. Its been about 1 year and a half. How long does it take for them to garnish it? I haven’t received anything saying its delinquent either. I am going to call them tomorrow morning. But I would like to get an idea of how it works

  • My wife has a student loan thru the government(direct loans) and a student loan thru sallie mae. Can we consolidate those into one loan? SOmeone told us that the sallie mae loan will be harder to consolidate because its private? Can we even consolidate both loans into one?

  • So I recieved my Financial aid reward for college and was offered a perkins loan and a subsidized direct loan. My question is what is the difference and If I were to choose only one which one would be better. both are of the same amount.

  • I am planning to go to medical school during the fall of 2012, but I have no idea how I will be able to get funds to pay for my housing and car expenses. I was wondering if the Federal Direct loans offer funds outside of tuition.

  • My parents got parent plus loans for me for college. My first year of college it went under my dads name and the other years it went under my moms name. Also since i transfered, the first 2 years are under sallie mae and the other 2 are under direct loans.
    Can these all be consolidated into one loan?

  • Referring to Federal Direct Loans, for example I might have:
    $5000 at an interest rate of 6.8% (unsub)
    $3000 at an interest rate of 6.8% (unsub)
    $4000 at an interest rate of 4.5% (sub)

    When I begin to pay back my loans, can I specifically pay off the $8000 in unsub’d loans first, as they have a higher insterest rate?

  • I just transferred undergraduate schools and still have some student loans from my previous school (Sallie Mae and Federal Direct loans). Is there some sort of clearing house that my new enrollment status will be sent to so that the loan agencies know that I haven’t just stopped going to school (and thus cause my loan payments to become due)? Or must I obtain enrollment verification from my current school and send it to each loan agency myself?

  • I get a subsidized direct loan and full Pell Grant, and wondered if this would affect my eligibility.

    Also, as a secondary question, would an AmeriCorps stipend count as income? And would the 25 hours per week working with the program for that stipend count towards the 20 hour-weekly minimum work hours for full-time students?


  • I have a direct loans from the government and I have heard that you can get your loans forgiven if you work at a nonprofit organization. Is this true? Where can I find more information about this? Does it only work with certain nonprofit organizations?

  • I understand that if I use the USDA Direct loan I may be eligible for payment assistance/government subsidy. I know that I will have to repay the subsidy under certain situations, but I don’t understand how they determine if you are eligible for the assistance and how the amount is calculated. Does anyone have any first hand experience with this program? If so, can you explain?

  • I graduated in 2008 and havent even begun to pay back my federal loans, as I am working on paying my Private loans. Does anyone know if you can consolidate private loans under the new Direct Loan of FFEL programs? Are there any options under the new IBR program with the healthcare law that will help me pay these private loans?? TIA!

  • I currently have a student loan with citibank. I am hearing about the loan forgiveness programs for teachers (I teach special education). The things that I have read say it has to be a direct loan, and I am having trouble figuring out if I might qualify.

  • If my parent was eligible and received a parent plus loan last year, is she automatically eligible this year? I know that when I went to summer school they just increased the loan without a credit check. Do parent apply for multiple plus loan or is it just one loan over the four years and they can increase as needed? Or when she apples this year will she have to complete the credit check again?

  • So I’m receiving Finical Aid – a Pell Grant and offered a Direct Loan Subsidized. So I’m guessing the Pell grant is for books transportation and whatnot and it’s suppose to cover the cost of classes.

    If I accept the loan ( I already completed everything I need for it as I was doing FASA and it’s just offered on the table) does it first go to pay for tuition/fees or does I get it?
    I don’t want to take out the Loan if it’s first priority is to pay classes when the Pell Grant covers that. Like moving the responsibility of me paying for tuition instead of extra money to cover other expenses.

  • I was given a federal direct parent plus loan. Is this a loan for my parents to take out and pay off? Or can it be a loan for me to pay? My dad says he will not co-sign for any of my college loans (mostly because he doesn’t like my major) and so I know he won’t take out any loans himself. How exactly do college loans work? I also got a fed. riect unsub student loan. What kind of loan is that? Am I able to get loans from other places like the bank? Can I only get loans from the bank I have a bank account at? I’m going to see if my grandpa will co-sign for my loans but if he says no I won’t have anyone else to ask, is there anyway to have a loan without a co-signer? What kinds of loans are the best? What should I know about college loans?
    Thanks Just Not That but the school I am going to is going to be about 13,000 a year. I’m already going to Community College for all of my General Education and there is no college in my state that is $5,500 a year or less. SOU is one of the cheapest schools and it’s either them or nothing because Community Colleges don’t have theatre majors.

  • I’ve been offered $3,500 for this loan, and i’ll be a freshman at Cal State Long Beach…
    My pamphlet gives info about this loan but i’m not quite sure if i’m understanding it right,
    It says: “Interest is paid by the federal govt while you are in school and during the six month grace period”
    Then is says: 4.5% interest rate for Undergrads only
    6.8% interest rate for all other students.

    So the govt pays the 4.5% interest for me right??
    and i only pay the 3,500 back??

    I was also offered other grants adding up to $13,930 for the year
    Should I even take the loan??? I’ll be dorming and need a car, maybe I should take it???
    I really dont know who to ask, nobody in my fam knows these things…

  • My mother makes too much for me to get reall help from financial aid and i am not 24. So I need money direct loans where I don’t need to have a co-signer. what do i do in terms of getting the loans? Also, I would like to know If I can file taxes on my own but still fill out my parents information on the financial aid application?

  • I am so confused.
    I took loans out 10 years ago for school, and been in default with the guaranty agency paying default claims.
    Unemployed all this time. Now back at work this next week, want to get things squared away but SO very confused.
    I pulled up with a PIN non direct and direct loans ttl $77,000. Seems very wrong? Anyways, what can I do as I have called, emailed and tried to get answers and just get a run around.
    Should I just WAIT until they catch up to my income from work and send me a letter? Right now they have always tried to garnish IRS refunds of my spouse
    AGAIN read my question.
    I have called and called and keep getting another number to call and do not know WHERE or WHO really holds this loan. The IRS says one loan is with TG, rest are US DEPT ed now but they keep referring me off….
    Unfortunately all the answers so are the info I know.
    yes i called the school. Yes I have tried and tried and I started at the ed.gov site.
    I realize its bad.

  • I have to face the facts here that as an art student, my classes are expensive and I have so far spent nearly $150 this semester between materials for a sculpture class and poster board and printouts for graphics. That wouldn’t be a problem for me except, I chose not to take out the Direct Loan for this semester figuring that it would be something that I would not need for as long as I receive pay from work study and financial help from my parents to keep going to school, but so far everything that deposits into my bank account either goes toward rent, food, and if I should put it in these terms, passing a class, in other words “already spent”. In fact, my decision about a loan is the reason I have to take Sculpture and not Photography (where I would have had to buy a fully manual camera and black and white film totaling over $500). I feel like I’m at a tipping point here and I don’t know what to do, getting a second job along with work study is not an option (there’s no time).
    In case you are wondering, I’m right now nearly $11000 in debt with loans, I don’t really want to increase this number but I may have no choice.

  • Is there any difference between them? From my research it appears as if it’s just different names for the same thing. I need help!

  • Just wondering if anyone can let me know the whole process of one of these loans
    from start to finish….Also what all do they look into and verify to qualify as far as credit
    and bill etc….Thank You!

  • So I understand this type of loan means the government pays interest while I’m in school.
    My question is 1. How long does this last? Until I finish school? 2. There are no fees involved assuming I pay the full amount correct? How long do I have to pay the full amount?

    Thank you.

  • If i take a federal direct subsidized loan for 1750 and the interest is fixed at 4.5 and it says i being repayment six months after i am no longer enrolled at least half time.
    how much will i end up paying

    Also i have to take this loan to get a 2000 dollar grant so is it worth it?
    I got the grant from doin my fafsa it is the rutgers assistance grant so it isnt like a scam thing. I get the 2000 dollars if i take the whole fedral direct subsidized loan
    ok lets say i am pay the loan out as soon as i am out of college , how much will the interest be?

    Can i pay it out after my 4 years or do i HAVE to pay it out after i do med school?

  • last term was my first year with student loans. Well my very first term was a summer class and I failed it because it was so hard. I still got financial aid for fall term though and got all A’s that term. Now this term I think I am going to fail a class. I have been trying to do good but its a hard accounting class. I am passing my other class though. I think I might be put on probation for the first time though for fall 2012. Can I still qualify for the direct loan if I dont pass 6 credits this term? Im really trying but I know I am not going to pass the accounting class.

  • after i submit my FAFSA… it said i may be eligible for Pell grant and Direct Stafford Loan. So Do i sign up myself or FAFSA will determine that and send me info??

    thank you!
    also, anything else I needed to do for my FAFSA after I submitted it?

  • i’ve got 2 loans from a private school that doesnt deal with a bank whatsoever. i was wondering if there was interest on the loan. they say i have to start paying it back 6 months after i graduate….

  • I just filled out electronically an MPN for Freshman year at Rutgers. I am a student, and my parents are supporting me. I filled out the MPN for student loans instead of the MPN for Parent PLUS Loan. I did not know which to click. Did I fill out the right one? I am a dependent student. And If I did the wrong one how do I correct it?!?!
    I am asking people that already filled out the forms before for Direct Loans. I am just asking what the difference between Student Loans and a Parent PLUS loan.

  • I am getting ready to take out a Direct Subsidized Loan for college. I read that I can only use the money for school expenses like room and board. If I spend my own money now for books and parking passes so I can go to class (which are both covered), can I “reimburse myself” after I get the loan? Also, how do they keep track of what I spend the money on? I feel like I’m going to be watched for every little thing I spend money on.

  • Is this the loan you dont have to payback? And give more details about it

  • I got offered a direct plus loan from my school and it looks like I am going to need end. My mom is willing to sign it off for me but I want to be the one to repay it…my mom doesn’t really have money as is. It say the interest rate is fixed at 7.90 on the student aid website. I’m sorry I know its a dumb question but is this annual rate or do I pay interest monthly. I am just new too all this and its confusing. I can imagine paying all that interest if its monthly! That would be crazy! Thanks so much for your help 🙂

  • Say your loans have gone into repayment and they are in good standing. If you decide to go back to college do they go back into deferment and are you still eligible for Federal Direct Loans?

  • I friend of mine got a Direct Loan Plus for his college son, this year, and last year. My friend said he did not use the money from the Direct Loan Plus, last year and doubts he will use it this year. My friend never saw the money. It was not deposited in his his account.

    My questions are:
    1. Can the student acess the Direct Loan Plus without his parent’s signature or knowledge?
    2. Where is the money deposited that this Plus loan provides?
    3. Does the parent have to sign, when he acesses the Direct Plus Loan, at the time of the disbursement, of the cash?
    If money is given to the college in the parent’s name, and the student does not use this money, where does the money get deposited? Is it returned to the lender?


  • I’m currently going into my second year at UCI.
    I am given the option of accepting the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan now, but I do not and may not need it until Winter Quarter.
    I do not need the full amount being offered either.
    If I accept the loan now, will it automatically reduce the amount I have to pay for Fall Quarter?
    Can I accept the loan at a later date?
    If I don’t accept it now will I not be able to get it at all?
    Can I choose when it will activate and how much?
    Sorry about this, I didn’t really need this last year so it didn’t apply to me

  • can someone explain to me what this is?

  • Not grants/scholarships, but loans that must be repaid.
    It seems the grant money was used to pay my tuition and required supplies (books, etc.) Loan money is largely what pays my room and board and extra spending money.

  • I’m an independent sophomore student who apply for Fed DL, subsidized loan they pay me $3500 for an academic year, unsubsidized loan they pay 6000 bucks. I don’t accept yet, because I don’t know whether CAN I BORROW MORE? Could I apply for amount adjustment if I think I need more money? Thanks for your any suggestion!
    No, I’m an INDEPENDENT STUDENT & my parents both are living outside the states and have no SSN, so I don’t think I can be able for DL plus

  • I’m applying for financial aid and looking over my report it says $1750 Federal Direct Stafford Loan and $3000 Fed Direct Unsub Stafford Loan. Both of these are to be paid back, right?

  • Hello, I live in South Texas and I have attended college before but it was a quick 4 week program so I paid out of pocket. (CNA) Program. I want to go back to college and start my pre requisites and then go to nursing school. I start school in August and today I filled out my FAFSA Application (financial aid). So, at the end it said “Based upon the information you entered your estimated eligibility is this: It said an X amount for a Pell Grant and then another X amount for a Direct Stafford Loan. Im wanting to know what is the difference between these two? Do you have to pay them back? Ive heard you don’t have to pay grants back, just trying to figure it out. Also, I know nothing about how financial aid works SO I was curious this X amount theyre quoting me, is that given to me every semester? or every year? or that’s what I would get for 2014 and 2015? because the fafsa was for 2014-2015.

    Also, Ive heard since I am a mother I can apply for other “moneys”?


  • So I am going to be a freshman in college this year (2013-2014) and I am having so many questions about loans and things. So lets begin…I have completed my FAFSA and they said that I am eligible for a Stafford thingy. It’s worth I think $5,500. It doesn’t sound like a lot but because I decided to do freshman year at a community college tuition is only like $4,000 I believe. Moving on, I decided to log on my Student Portal (the little thing with all your information) and I checked out my finances and I saw that I have been given an DIRECT UNSUBSIDIZED LOAN of $4000.

    1. Does that mean I will have to pay this back out of my pockets or will FAFSA cover it or what?

    2. Can anyone give me more info on how all this FAFSA and loan stuff works?

    I am so confused. Because it’s the weekend the school isn’t open, I can’t just walk in and get all my questions answered. So please help me guys thanks 🙂

  • I need to make a loan because I am planning to go to a school that is not in any of the list when you are filling the application.

  • I’m going to be a college freshmen so this will be my first time with applying for student loans. Does anyone know which loan is better (Perkins vs. Subsidized Direct Loan) and why? And if I ask for a little more money for books how will I get this money? Thanks so much!

  • Some College I got accepted into is just giving me a federal direct loan-unsubsidized of $5500. So what can I do with that? How long could I take before I pay it back? Also I heard u could potientally keep all of it if u pay the tuition urself? And the $5500 is on a non-need base. So basically can anyone tell me everything I should know about this non-need base loan?

  • Hey there. Can anyone help me understand what is Federal Subsidized Direct Loan & Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan? Thanks in advance! It’ll be a great help. Appreciate it much. ^_^! Take Care.

  • I keep getting mails from NSL Direct Loan and they keep sending me letters about how the interest is going to go up and they are telling me to apply for some application that i don’t even know.. I guess if I apply, the interest rate won’t go up? i don’t know… does anyone get these mailings too? are they trustworthy to apply them? also, these are the current loans i get:

    Federal Direct Loans (Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized)
    Federal Perkins Loan

  • Or is the amount given to you according to financial need and you just accept it?

  • i am about to start my senior year of college this fall and am curious to know how direct student loans are actually paid back. I know there is a certain minimum payment you make per month.
    I have both subsidized and unsubsidized loans, and have them for all 4 years (so 8 different loans total). Will I be making 8 payments per month, or will all of the loans be combined for one payment? thanks 🙂

  • I will be graduating from grad program in couple of years, and was wondering if it’s possible to repay my direct loans on bi-weekly payments to shorten the length of payment?

    any ideas?


  • I took out a loan for school. The direct stafford loan. I was granted the full amout to borrow, which is $9,500. My question is, is that amount paid out in 1 semester or in 1 full year (2 semesters)??? Also do they pay in 3 payments or more??? I tried asking my financal aid advisor multiple times, shes rude and no help at all!!! smh. Even worse at my college, your only assigned one advisor going by your last name. So I feel lost. Any info. would be great. Thanks! 😉

  • What is it for?How do Loans work? I really need help. both parents deceased what do i do?

  • Hi!
    I’ve submitted my FAFSA and everything, and now it’s time for me to accept the loans and sign the MPN (the promisary note). I have a question though, would it be more wise to take out the loan in my name or my mother’s name. My mom has great credit, I have zero credit (but I’m working on it =D ).
    What did you all do? Is it cheaper in the long run to take it out in my name? Is the interest high or lower?
    Please and Thanks 🙂

  • So i took out a loan for college, direct subsidized loan for 3500..the interest starts like this…This loan is based on financial need. The federal government pays the interest on the loan while the student attends school. The variable interest rate is adjusted each year. For the Academic Year 2010 – 2011, the rate is 4.5%. Borrowers are charged an origination fee of 1.0%, less a rebate of 0.5%, for total fee of 0.5%.

    now my question, is the interested computer yearly so each yr it would be 4.8% times 3500 unless the interest rate changes? and secondly, who do i have to pay this loan to after i graduate? please help me out, i am very confused
    Hey,,, Thanks alot i was really confused but now i got it. so Basicall after this grace period i have to pay the Dept. Of Education only $3500.. the amount does not change, right? because i would think the principle amount changes.

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